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How to prevent a gray hair: recommendations

How to prevent a gray hair: recommendations
However many called a gray hair wealth of years, its emergence inspires fear also horror before youth and beauty loss more. According to data of researches, a gray hair till 30 years appears at 1/3 of us. The age influences reduction of production of melanin. Our way of life can provoke acceleration of this process.

How to prevent a gray hair: recommendations

Our female Internet portal the Beauty Country Tyumen prepared recommendations of experts how to prevent emergence of an unexpected, early gray hair.

To use it is more than copper and iodine!

Gray hair can appear at a lack of a copper organism. It is necessary to include those products which contain copper in the diet: meat, spinach, pomegranate, beans Lima, pineapple, almonds, blackberry, pumpkin sunflower seeds. Consult with the doctor in the medical centers of Tyumen concerning purpose of polyvitamins with copper. For a hair color iodine is also important. Use as it is possible more often the iodated salt, spinach, sea cabbage and other products as a part of which there is an iodine.

To enrich a food by B12 vitamin!

The gray hair is caused by shortage of B12 vitamin. Fish, mutton, beef, eggs, cheese and bananas contain В12.

To fill a diet with proteins!

How to prevent a gray hair: recommendations
For health of hair proteins are very important. Between proteins and carbohydrates there should be a balance. Include in the menu fast meat, meat of chicken, a turkey, sandwiches with egg etc.

To use the Chinese herbs!

Chinese have the whole legend according to which Fo-ti’s (Fo-ti) grass or Hee Shue Vee (He Shou We) possesses special properties, returning saturated color to hair, preventing emergence of a gray hair.

To observe a drinking mode!

Use more than the pure checked water and less alcohol and coffee. If in an organism there is a deficiency of liquid, it is difficult to nutrients to reach to hair a follicle that is fraught with a gray hair. The use of sour, hot and fried dishes also provokes dehydration, they are necessary for reducing to a minimum.

To give up smoking!

Refusal of smoking will be an incitement for the improved blood circulation and prevention of decrease in melanin. Smoking is at the bottom of presenilation which is accompanied by all means by a premature gray hair.

To improve blood circulation!

Excellent blood circulation prevents a gray hair. By means of good circulation to head skin enough of vitamins and minerals arrives to hairs. To improve blood circulation, it is necessary to be engaged in physical exercises, to do head massage by finger-tips, daily for 5-10 minutes (at least)

To learn to remove a stress!

The stress and depression provoke an early gray hair. It is not necessary to neglect time-outs in a violent rhythm of life, find possibilities to relax (walk, occupations by yoga, a muzykoterapiya, a bath with essential oils, etc.). Focus the attention only on positive, finding even scanty positive details. Learn to refuse to all superfluous that irritates you or takes away from you something.

To get enough sleep!

Sufficient healthy and sound sleep not only will help to remove a stress, but also will allow an organism to be filled with forces and energy, to adjust all processes.

Our female online the magazine wishes you that the gray hair still for many years did not concern your hair!


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