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Professional hair-dye

Professional hair-dye
Fair hair gives a romantic spirit, dark hair speak about passion to life. Interesting shades will give to an image "highlight", the originality. But for high-quality and beautiful coloring only the professional hair-dye should be used. Why it?

The professional hair-dye can be harmful?

For anybody not a secret that any cosmetic actions and mechanical impact on  hair do them harm. And if in addition also to ignore a condition and type of hair, as a result hair will look exhausted, dim and lifeless. They lose elasticity, force and light. And a brittle hair will spoil mood at all.

There is a question of that, can, better and not to dye hair at all? Certainly, it is possible to dye hair, the real professional hair-dye only should be used.  The hair-dye being natural, will not be hazardous to health of hair. That coloring of hair was safe, studying a condition of hair before coloring process is made. Proceeding from results, paint gets out in an individual order.

For process of coloring such factors, as sensitivity of hair, an original kolor of hair, number of already made colourings, length and a state of health of hair matter. The great value has also, whether the chosen paint in respect of a combination of kolor approaches. The professional hair-dye is not dangerous to hair and head skin. Also advantage of professional paint is its favorable action on structure of hair. Hair become much thicker, the volume is added.

The professional hair-dye – what to use?

The professional hair-dye is presented today in quite rich range. Thus it is necessary to trust the checked brands having certain credibility. In competent beauty salons Wella, by Schwarzkopf, Londa, Loreal, Estel and some other is used, for example.

The paint used by professionals, allows to create natural shades of light and dark flowers. If a primary idea of coloring a little vanguard or contrast, by means of a professional hair-dye it is possible to create the best shades with the most tiny and stylish nuances. Thanks to such paint the master can make harmonious coloring even when using contrast colors.

Our female magazine considers, what exactly quality, safety, efficiency differs a professional hair-dye from the usual. Applying such paint, coloring can be carried out even independently. But for receiving result of high level, of course, it is better to address to the expert in the field of care of hair.

Julia Borisova

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