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Ways of a chemical hairdressing if you want to become «Sues Ringlet»

Ways of a chemical hairdressing if you want to become «Sues Ringlet»
Ways of a chemical hairdressing if you want to become «Sue’s Ringlet»

The real boom on a chemical wave began in the 70-80th years when any victim of a fashion respecting could not do without it. The chemical wave used huge demand not only at women, but also men. In the 90th years the fashion came to a straight hair, but, despite it, all also were pleasant to many women of a ringlet. Now the fashion again comes back to them, in 30 years of technology in the field of a chemical hairdressing considerably stepped forward.

Such ways of a chemical wave as a carving and bio – a wave became most popular in us. First, because these procedures are sparing for hair, and secondly because after them it is not necessary сращивать hair. The wave is straightened itself in 4-6 weeks. But what is meant these two words and than they differ?

Ways of a chemical wave: carving

The carving of hair is, in fact, chemical processing of the hair wound on "hair curlers boomerangs" or "hair curlers scooters", by means of rather sparing structures (a permanent wave which is not containing теогликолата and ammonia).

The most important advantage of a carving as long-term hair dressing is that the solution applied in the course of a wave, affects only a hair blanket, in it and there is a difference from a chemical wave. It is possible to do a carving of 4-5 times a year, in the rest of the time it is necessary to give to hair rest: to do medical vitamin masks, to use special means on the care of the structured hair and to visit beauty salons where there are procedures for a hair reconstruction. The result remains on hair from 4 to 8 weeks depending on type, structure and hair-dyeing. If during this time you will be bored by ringlets, having washed the head, delay wet locks hands or a round hairbrush and dry the hair dryer and here at you again a straight hair. It is not recommended to do a carving on the hair painted in light color, especially if the area of melirovanny hair makes 50 % and more. But owners of an oily hair were inexpressibly lucky, as by means of a carving hair are dried, so the wave is recommended to them. It is better to do painting of hair in some days after a wave, thus it is not desirable to use ammoniac dyes.

Ways of a chemical wave: biowave

Ways of a chemical wave include also a biowave which represents, in fact, the same wave, but delicate property. Such wave does not contain in the structure of aggressive substances (for example, ammonia, tioglikolevy acid or hydrogen peroxide).

The main operating component of a biowave – цистеамин хлоргидрат – is analog natural цистина. Natural цистин is the main amino acid as a part of a hair of the person, she participates in a structure of disulfidny communications in hair.

One of the last achievements in the field of a biowave – a biowave combined with procedure of a structural hair reconstruction. This procedure, especially in a complex with treatment and a hair reconstruction, is shown for the dry, injured, clarified and brittle hair.

If you have long, thick and heavy hair of one length, at a biowave it is necessary to count that the curl at the roots will turn out not such magnificent and round as on the tips of hair – after all it will be extended under a body weight of all weight of hair. Therefore before a biowave it is recommended to make easy graduation with smooth transition of length.

Ways of a wave: biological wave of MOSSA

Ways of a chemical hairdressing if you want to become «Sues Ringlet»
What of ways of a wave to choose? Completely to reach desirable effect and at the same time with it not to put to hair any harm it is possible only by means of a biological wave MOSSA developed and patented by the Italian company Green Light. This biowave does not contain in the structure some absolutely any chemical components, capable to damage structure of a hair and head skin. One more plus is that on duration of MOSSA is capable to keep almost as much, how many standard chemistry. Such biowave has three options of structures: MOSSA for natural hair, MOSSA for melirovanny hair and MOSSA for the painted hair. Respectively, unlike a carving the biological wave quite probably is safe for combining with any other procedures, such as coloring, a melirovaniye and decolouration of hair.

Yes, miracles does not happen and, keeping health of the hair, the listed procedures will not manage to cure hair already earlier spoiled earlier. Therefore our female magazine recommends to show strongly damaged hair to experts-trikhologam and necessarily to pass the hair reconstruction program.

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