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Hair balsam in house conditions

Hair balsam in house conditions
The hair balsam will moisten head skin, after all there is nobody not a secret that the condition of head skin can affect and a hair loss. As balm will relieve us of dandruff, will eliminate a static electricity from hair, will make combing by easier. Here see, how many advantage so useful habit can bring – to indulge the hair special balm. Certainly, there is nothing more simply, than to go to professional shop and to choose a bright tube with that means which suits your head of hear. Be sure, professionals already took care of everything – all mixed in the necessary proportions and flavored with all poleznost. From such cosmetic balms your hair by all means will begin to shine. But how, then to make a hair balsam in house conditions, and than it will differ from what is on sale in shop? Here about it the beauty Country also will tell you.

Hair balsam in house conditions

About what then article if everything is so simple?! But the matter is that now more and more girls to chemical achievements in the field of care of hair prefer old-fashioned, but from it not less effective, natural recipes of our great-grandmothers.Hair balsam in house conditions

And for the sake of it they are ready «заморачиваться» and to spend the time. They know that wasted time by all means will pay off beauty and health! After all for anybody not a secret that the mother nature carefully prepared a set of various ways to restore and emphasize for us the natural beauty, especially after such procedures as shielding or lamination and as to prevent a hair loss by means of balm which we and will prepare. We also will be engaged in it!

So, how to prepare a natural hair balsam in house conditions?

Hair balsam in house conditions – recipes

If you have oily hair, the natural hair balsam in the house conditions, consisting of ordinary curdled milk becomes ideal means from this misfortune. You can take it on hair within 10 minutes, as a mask, and can rub only it in head skin, distribute on hair, slightly massage finger-tips and with a clear conscience to wash away flowing water.

Hair balsam in house conditions
There are hair balsams in house conditions of longer preparation, as, for example, this grassy balm: take a tablespoon of a dry grass (camomiles, nettles, or mix them together!), mix it and a half a glass of lemon juice and with slightly smaller amount of any vegetable oil (for hair will be ideally suited repeyny or kastorovy).

All this carefully mixes up, hides in a dark, dry, cool place and week is drawn, and then gets and with success looks after your hair.

Classical means for giving to hair of shine is apple vinegar and if it is still combined with egg – fine natural detergent for hair – and castor oil – means of a hair reconstruction, such balm will do good to hair of any type. So, one egg, a tablespoon of castor oil and a teaspoon of apple vinegar – here the base recipe of this house hair balsam.

However for pushchy effect and for bigger convenience you can add in this structure a little the usual shampoo is and will soften your hair, and will carefully wash them from oil.

Indulge your hair natural hair balsams in house conditions, and the result will not keep itself waiting!


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