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Hair balsam of own preparation

Hair balsam of own preparation

It is possible to make a hair balsam independently. Certainly, the considerable share of work and patience and components is required it is necessary to buy not such and small quantity, but it is that costs.

Hair balsam – that is necessary for preparation?

If you decided to prepare a hair balsam, you without fail need a deep bowl, a small mixer, small plateaus or saucers, a syringe for definition of the necessary proportions. Making components of balm generally are got in a drugstore according to the recipe.
It is not recommended to apply at the same time some balms. It is necessary to choose for some time one necessary on components for achievement of definite purposes. There are balms for strengthening of hair, for elasticity giving, for growth of hair or, for example, for a hair reconstruction after coloring. It is impossible to create independent combinations which does not exist. Such invented hair balsam can strongly do much harm and even to cause a hair loss. To avoid such consequences, precisely define a problem of your hair and select concrete balm.

Hair balsam – recipes

We provide for your attention some popular and effective recipes of preparation of balm:

Balm which promotes rapid growth of hair.

 To make the balm accelerating growth of hair, you need 0,8л at its finest, apple vinegar (10-15ML), aloe juice belief (0,03л), oil of mint peppery (10 drops), fir oil (11 drops) and lavandovy oil (6 drops). It is necessary to observe the specified proportions attentively. Balm is put on hair and accurately rubbed by massage movements – massage of the head looks after our hair.

Hair balsam which reduces fat content level.

For balm preparation against an oily hair the same proportions of water, aloe juice belief and apple vinegar will be necessary, as at balm preparation for acceleration of growth of hair. And here other components will differ. Melissa oil (11 drops), lavandovy oil (only 2 drops), an immortelle (12 drops) is required. Balm is used only for an oily hair, it is not necessary to apply it to dry hair.

Balm for tired hair

To prepare balm for tired of colourings, influence of hot nippers and hair curlers of hair, water, apple vinegar and an aloe belief in the same proportions, as in the previous recipes is required. Other components we replace  with sandal-wood tree oil (17 drops) and miracle oil ilang-ilanga (6 drops). Balm also is put on hair and evenly distributed on them. In a usage time of balm it is better to refuse use of nippers, плоек and hair curlers. It is necessary to give the chance to hair rest and to gain strength.

In the majority of balms certain emulsifiers are added. Also in certain proportions active substances, for example, гуар or extract of yeast are added. Our female magazine reminds, making a hair balsam, it is necessary to show consideration for observance of structure and proportions.

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