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Hot scissors in the help секущимся to tips

Hot scissors in the help секущимся to tips
Seasons replace each other. Together with them we, being in the fashion or on call of an internal voice, we change clothes, accessories.  Hair will be an invariable ornament in all seasonal dresses. In the spring they endure serious consequences of winter stresses – become fragile and секущимися. Certainly, a brittle hair – not a reason for despondency, and an occasion to reflect how to strengthen hair. Today for care of them there is a considerable quantity of cosmetic and house means (masks, broths), and also salonny procedures. In recent years, for example, in beauty salons there was a new method of fight with секущимися tips – hot scissors. Many women use this procedure which essence is simple.

Hot scissors – a hairstyle

Still in the ancient time queen Cleopatra used a similar technique for a hairstyle of hair. Edges of metal scissors before each use were warmed up on a fire. Together with edges the handle that complicated work of the hairdresser heated up also.

Only centuries later in Switzerland the safe electric device which on appearance a little than differ from ordinary hairdresser’s scissors was developed for a thermohairstyle. Pair of edges heats up in the device only, other surface becomes warmish. The temperature of heating is regulated by the special temperature sensor which incorporates to the device a cable. The temperature steals up proceeding from type of hair of the client.

The master at first makes a hairstyle on wet, and after on dry hair (on "wet" tips of hair are cut, then processing on "dry" is conducted: from hair are braided жгутики and обстригаются "aerials" – seen секущиеся hairs). The main task of the hairdresser – to sustain the correct temperature of scissors that the hair as a result was soldered, instead of is burned. Procedure «hot scissors» lasts about 2 hours.

The hair which have been initially spoiled by illiterate coloring, after procedure application «hot scissors» pass a reconstruction course. Into it enters: hair clarification at molecular level (clarification from dirt and harmful chemicals), deep moisturizing of hair and a covering their very thin layer of pitch on a vegetative basis. It fills microscopic cracks on all length of hair, promotes regeneration. If the hair is painted with preservation of natural structure, reconstruction is not obligatory.

Hot scissors – result

Hot scissors solder on a cut of hair, thereby preventing a keratin effluence – substance which feeds hair on all length, gives them elasticity and a vitality. Specialists hairdressers argue that the medical effect and improvement of appearance of a hair can be observed later 2 – the 3rd hairstyle. If to carry out some more hairstyles – considerably the volume of hair will increase. Need to use masks and balms Besides, disappears. To comb hair even very big length it is possible without problems after washing only shampoo.

Different opinions on hot scissors

Having behind shoulders rich history and mass of positive results, procedure «hot scissors» is estimated today ambiguously. My friend the hairdresser considers that hot scissors – a brand untwisted by beauty salons, for the purpose of attraction of profit. After all thermohairstyle cost in a half is more than usual. At forums devoted to hot scissors, positive responses prevail. In the majority, they are left owners of long hair.

Short female hairstyles force the owners to visit hairdressing salons monthly. Besides, short hair it is less секутся, as филируются in the course of registration by the master. Therefore for ladies with short hairdresses hot scissors – waste of means.

To grow long hair or to support a hairdress on long hair a lot of patience is required. Many girls and women, having made the decision to grow hair, visit a hairdressing salon at most time in half a year. Hair grow dull, lose shine, tips become thin. Therefore everything who wants to have beautiful and well-groomed hair of length below shoulders, our female magazine advises to try procedure «hot scissors».

Anna Ryabov

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