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Recipes for growth of hair

Recipes for growth of hair
Lovely ladies who from us though time in life would not like to have beautiful and long hair? Someone by nature manages a smart head of hear, and someone should try, that hair looked silky and beautiful. The female magazine the Country of Beauty picked up for you absolutely simple, but at the same time unique recipes for growth of hair.

Recipes for growth of hair – a nutritious mask for hair

All components of a mask are available in each house is onions napiform – 1 piece, a honey tablespoon, a yolk of one egg. It is necessary to rub a bulb on a small grater and to wring out juice. To mix with honey and a yolk. The mask is ready. It is necessary to put it on head skin with massing movements and to put on a plastic bag and a scarf. To sustain 40 minutes and to wash away shampoo. It is also possible to add lemon and aloe juice in this mask and to add with that the recipes for growth of hair.

Recipes for growth of hair – we prepare repeyny oil independently

Repeynoye oil is on sale in drugstores, but it is possible to prepare and is independent. In the autumn to dig out burdock roots, to wash out and cut, fill in with olive oil and to put in a dark place for 10 days. Then the received oil to filter and use, rubbing in roots of hair the warm – and it is important!

Recipes for growth of hair – the recipe calm – cocktail

Fill in 50 g of fruits of a hawthorn of 0,5 l of boiled water in the evening and let’s stand night. Before a breakfast accept one tablespoon of this drink.

Recipes for growth of hair – massage by means of olive and lemon juice

Warm up on a water bath 4 tablespoons of the olive oil mixed with juice, squeezed out of one lemon. Divide hair into parts and rub the prepared mix finger-tips in skin. Then properly rinse hair with water.

Recipes for growth of hair – an opolaskivaniye after washing

Fill in camomile inflorescences with hot water, will boil within 5 minutes and let’s cool down. For a fair hair take 100 g of inflorescences, for dark – 150-200 g. The washed-up hair rinse and dry without wiping. Strengthens growth of hair also opolaskivany water in which 1 tablespoon of usual vodka is added. Surely note it and write down in the recipes for growth of hair.

Recipes for growth of hair – instead of shampoo and soap

For strengthening of hair of times a week it is necessary to wash them with a mix from cones of hop, burdock roots (on 20 g of everyone) and a calendula flower (10 g). Make them abrupt boiled water, let’s be drawn, filter. Infusion is ready.

And the main thing, in care of hair healthy nutrition, and any stresses. As they say: «For pleasure hair curl, and from a grief секутся». So eat the products rich with iron and zinc, – a liver, eggs, nuts, mushrooms. And also carrots, apples, yogurts and cottage cheese. And if are nervous, prepare for itself calm – cocktail from herbs and drink it in the mornings, it is desirable every day. And it is obligatory испозуйте the recipes given by us for growth of hair.

And the female Internet portal the Beauty Country Kostroma wishes you good luck, excellent spring mood and it is obligatory to try to try on the hair these unique recipes for growth of hair!