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Shampoo the hands – any chemistry

Shampoo the hands - any chemistry
Once in the newspaper I read article about the elderly university teacher which refused chemistry in a life: only tar soap, an egg yolk instead of shampoo.

Also that we see in our 21 century? The most prestigious cosmetic novelties completely consist of natural components. However, simple and cheap house means consist of them.

Having tested mass of body scrubs, eventually you choose sugar with honey or ground coffee. Personally I do not know the best winter face scrub, than an oat flour. In the summer – yes, it does not suffice, I buy drying gel srub for every day, but besides inexpensive, natural and gipoalergenny. And today I want to discuss in the female magazine how to make shampoo the hands.

Shampoo the hands: special leaving

You for certain heard about handwork soap, it is created with use of a natural soap basis. The same basis exists and for shampoo, simpler and cheaper to make such purchase in Internet shop.

On sale there are the hypoallergenic bases which have been completely deprived of any otdushka, dyes and other additives – only detergent on a natural basis. But even it is unessential to prepare shampoo the hands. As a basis it is possible to use both children’s shampoo, and simple natural hypoallergenic shampoo with a camomile or an aloe – usually they absolutely inexpensive.

To a washing basis any girl can add everything that is necessary for her hair, according to the individual recipe. These are base and essential oils for hair, aloe juice, honey, mustard, broths of herbs. I very much liked shampoos on the basis of gelatin. I even tried to do them without addition of shampoo and to use as balm mask.

I will tell at once, idea bad; if as a part of composition there is no shampoo, the weight is badly distributed on hair, and oils are not washed away completely. At me and so heavy hair therefore on the second time I wash with their small amount of children’s shampoo. It is possible to find many recipes of shampoos and enthusiastic responses in the Internet. On the experience I can confirm: all this truth.

Shampoo the hands: ecology and economy

One more reason to prepare shampoo the hands – economy. The base for shampoo quite cheap, is required it a little. For example, in gelatinous shampoo the main volume is occupied by broths of herbs. Base oils too absolutely cheaply stand, at desire it is possible to be limited to vegetable or olive oil, both of them perfectly influence hair.

Slightly more expensively natural honey and essential oils, but they suffice on several times, and in comparison with brand cosmetics for hair it, it is possible to tell, for nothing. It allows to be spent for the good conditioner more: after house shampoo hair are magnetized, as before.

The most important that it is possible to select composition of shampoo individually and to change it at any time. Those who натерпелся from all "delights" of sensitive skin will surely estimate effect of natural components.
If you use house masks for hair, partially the structure of a mask can be transferred to shampoo as it is all the same recommended to be heated up and held on hair of at least 20 minutes that oils got into skin and hair.

Some house shampoos are well stored and it is quietly possible to prepare them for the future. It is possible even to give shampoo the hands as a gift. It is recommended to store them in tight glass container, it is only way to save the refrigerator from a smell of oils. In turn, our female magazine reminds that separate components are used only by the fresh – if you made shampoo the hands on the basis of vegetable juice and crude eggs, it needs to be used at once.

Evgeny Petrov

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