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Vitamins for hair

Vitamins for hair and not only

Vitamins for hair
Vitamins take active part in metabolism process, increasing resilience of an organism to such adverse factors as bacteria and viruses. They help all bodies and systems of an organism it is correct to function. Shortage of vitamins for hair and for an organism it becomes certain the reason of deterioration of immune system and can provoke diseases. Skin and hair – the main objects which shortage of vitamins influences.

Mineral substances and microcells are a part of structure of fabrics, enzymes and hormones of a human body. They participate in developments, growth and energy creation. All processes connected with enzymes, demand participation of minerals, and consequently minerals are necessary to supplement vitamins and other nutritious elements.

Vitamins for hair do hair silny?

The female magazine will tell that is necessary for force giving for your hair, is first of all group B vitamins, and also vitamins A, Е and Page.

Vitamin A (ретинол) promotes regeneration of hair, does them healthy. It is especially useful to a dry and brittle hair. Vitamin A contains in a liver of fish, in dairy oil, an egg yolk. Plants contain beta carotene which is a source of creation of vitamin A in an organism. Sea-buckthorn berries, dried apricots, carrots, a mountain ash, a blackberry, a gooseberry – all this excellent sources of vitamin A. It is known that vitamin A is well dissolved in fats therefore it is best of all to eat all above-mentioned with vegetable oil.

Vitamin E (tocopherol) improves blood circulation in head skin and strengthens immune system, doing hair healthy and brilliant. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble substance which contains in nuts, sunflower oil and sunflower seeds.

Vitamins of group B give to hair force and light, warn from excessive fat content: at deficiency of B1 vitamin (тиамина), В12 (цианокобаламина) and other members of group In hair slowly grow and look lifeless. B2 vitamin (рибофлавин) helps to keep hair healthy, B8 vitamin (инозитол) warns a hair loss, vitamin H (biooozes) and B9 vitamin (folic acid) protect from emergence of a gray hair and help to struggle with baldness.

It is necessary to use various cereals in food to fill up deficiency of B1 vitamin (if it is possible, crude), rye bread and white loaf from a flour of a rough grinding and with cereals. B2 vitamin contains in kidneys of animals and a liver, eggs, beer, as to B6 vitamin, it is in cereals, halvah and nuts.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) strengthens walls of blood vessels, protects bulbs of hair from destruction and facilitates digestion of iron. Vitamin C can be received from cabbage (including from fermented), a dogrose, a paprika, a black currant and a citrus.

Microcells vitamins necessary for giving of force for your hair.

Various microcells are useful to growth of hair and will help to give them force. So, zinc and copper warn a gray hair and baldness. Porridge and buckwheat contain zinc, as well as walnuts, a liver of animals, cheese, beans, shrimps. Iron protects hair from fragility; iron contains in a liver, an egg yolk. Molybdenum restores growth of hair, it in large numbers contains in kidneys and a liver, in peas and the cook. A brittle lifeless hair testifies to deficiency of sulfur in an organism. Garlic, a liver, fish and bean are saturated sulfur. Silicon does hair strong and elastic, it is in integral cereals, root crops and crude grain.

Optimum set of vitamins for hair

The optimum set of necessary microcells for restoration and strengthening of hair is present at beef and mutton.

Now you know, what vitamins and microcells promote growth and strengthening of hair and consequently can go to any drugstore and choose vitamins and minerals which are pleasant to you.

Special vitamins are also available to care of hair. For example, the Revalid complex contains vitamins and amino acids for strengthening of hair and nails. To "Perfektil", the vitamin and mineral complex, is very popular in the West, it was specially developed in Great Britain for strengthening of hair.

Also on sale there are different types of yeast. You take pleasure in efficiency of use of yeast with sulfur from the Evisent company – they do not cause excessive weight.

Vitamins for hair in tablets

Many dermatologists believe that the use of vitamins senselessly as they are not acquired in most cases. Anyway, the wide choice of cosmetics, vitamin-rich (masks, oils), is present at shops to make your hair strong.

The vitaminized masks for hair

It is possible to do masks and in house conditions, 1-3 time a week. Some recipes are presented below:

Vitamin compress for strengthening of hair and hair loss prevention:

50 g of any vegetable oil and 10 drops of lemon juice to warm up on a water bath, to rub in roots of hair and to leave at 2 o’clock; then to wash out hair shampoo and to rinse with solution – a teaspoon of apple vinegar on water liter.

Mask for strengthening of an oily hair:

To mix 1 egg with 1 ml of a mix of vitamin B6 or В1, to rub in hair and to leave at 1 o’clock; after to wash out shampoo and to rinse with water with vinegar.

If you moisten hair with kefir or curdled milk before washing, hair become strong, silky and shining, also it will prevent emergence of dandruff.

Vitamins are necessary in the spring not only to your hair but also all organism!

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