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Biolamination of hair – miracles happen!

Biolamination of hair - miracles happen!
To me and to the head did not come that my weakened and dim hair can though somehow be helped! After frequent colourings and two improbably hot summer months they became is intolerable rigid and unattractive by sight. To my despair there was no limit! But here I learned that popularity such medical and cosmetic procedure as gathers biolamination of hair in Samara, and caught it as for a saving straw!

So in what a biolamination essence?

It appeared that biolamination of hair – simply irreplaceable procedure for such hair, as mine. The matter is that during procedure hair become covered by a colourless protective plyonochka which not only restores structure of the damaged hair, but also feeds it, for a long time keeping in hair all necessary useful substances. After biolamination hair will not need additional leaving: all vitamins, proteins, and also the moisture, containing in a cellulose film, will benefit during the whole 3 months!

Biolamination of hair proves that miracles happen! After this procedure hair become obedient and soft, and on laying less time, than goes before to times. Moreover, it is possible to save essentially on hair preparations as the structure for biolamination possesses special property: at the expense of plasticity of a preparation the hair covered with a film, easily accept and for long time keep formed them! Really magic elixir, truth?

Any more I do not know, whether to say that the volume of hair after lamination increases by 10 %, and hair are less subject to various influences from environment … differently you to me at all will not believe! But, as though all extremely sounded, it is valid so! Besides, thanks to water-repellent effect of a cover hair keep the form even in damp weather!

Surprisingly, but exists not only the transparent biolamination of hair serving more for restoration and a food. Everything becomes more popular a color biolaminate which skilled masters use for toning of hair. Existence of 20 various shades (here to you both chocolate, and chestnut, both red, and fair-haired, both red, and golden!) allows the hairdresser to create unique color on your hair which not only will be nasyshchenny and is deeper, but also will hold on improbably long! «And simultaneous lamination and coloring will not damage to my hair?» – you will begin to doubt. I hurry to assure you: procedure does not injure hair, and on the contrary – treats and strengthens them!

In biolamination of hair how many will manage?

In spite of the fact that after procedure hair do not need additional leaving and a food, biolamination of hair is necessary for supporting. Be not frightened, strongly it is not necessary to be spent! It is best of all to use shampoos with the lowered content of alkali (it is possible to try and shampoos for the painted hair). If you got used to do masks for hair, it is not necessary and to stop: it, in any case, which time will not damage!

Cost of this procedure (as, actually, and any other cosmetic service) depends on salon, the master and, certainly, from those materials which the hairdresser will use. Therefore it will be reasonable to learn more at first that offers the clients this or that beauty salon in Samara. But, that it is a little of you сориентировать, I can tell that the price usually fluctuates between 2000 and 4000 rubles.

It is necessary to warn also that after the first biolamination you, most likely, will remain are dissatisfied with result. The effect will be appreciable is the fact, but here its duration you will disappoint. For long-term action it is necessary to repeat procedure at least 2 more times, and you are surprised to that look as if the movie star!


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