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Diseases of hair and head skin

Diseases of hair and head skin

Diseases of hair and head skin very much stirs in career, private life. Eventually they are simply capable to liquidate good mood! In more detail about it will tell our Internet magazine «Beauty Country».

Diseases of hair and head skin: what happen

The most widespread diseases of hair and head skin:

Allopetsiya. Speaking to usual language, this hair loss. The reason of this disease can be not only a stress, but also a hormonal imbalance. There is also a partial baldness. Very closely the istoncheniye of hair which become weak is connected with baldness also and start to drop out.

Dandruff. This disease is familiar to the majority of people. Thus dandruff can be dry or fat. For each option special treatment is carried out. The reason of emergence of constant dandruff is violation of work of sebaceous glands.

Early gray hair. If hair early turned gray, it speaks about problems with pigmentation. The stress, shock, strong experiences can be the reason.

Eczema. Eczema appears in the presence of seborrhea and can mention not only hair and head skin, but also a body. If thus there are stresses, the disease is aggravated. Outwardly it is red spots of a various form, a peeling and dryness of head skin. The doctor can be engaged in treatment only.

Psoriasis. As well as all diseases of hair and head skin, psoriasis demands supervision трихолога (the expert in treatment of hair and head skin). Outwardly it is shown in the form of a pinkish vysypaniye and being shelled чешуек. To treat him it is possible, but absolutely it is impossible to recover, though external signs are liquidated.

Deprive the asbestine. This disease is shown in the form of gray чешуек, dryness of hair. Thus cheshuyka it is quite difficult to remove from hair and head skin. Treatment depriving does not occur quickly.

Mentagra. Outwardly this illness is shown in a type of abscesses and thinning of hair. At defeat of head skin mentagry it is necessary to remove hair from all head. Does it only the doctor.

Here the most known diseases of hair and head skin are given. Separately it is necessary to allocate such disease, as autocratic wrest of hair. What is it?

Diseases of hair and head skin: vyryvaniye of hair

Trikhotillomaniya is a little strange disease, as this autocratic vyryvaniye of hair. That is the person itself deprives of hair. It is connected with nervous breakdown and is characteristic in most cases for teenagers. This disease seldom meets.
The desire to pull out hair on own head at suffering this disease appears at emotional failure, neurosis. Thus not all are ready to admit the fact of this disease. Vyryvaniye of a hair occurs non-uniformly, are as a result formed плешины.
How to treat? In treatment the primary accent becomes for psychological work therefore psychotherapy sessions are carried out. Also special medicines for decrease in level of an emotionality and a nevroznost are written out.

Our female magazine reminds that any diseases of hair and head skin should be exposed to treatment immediately.

Julia Borisova

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