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Hair-dyes: what it is necessary to know?

Hair-dyes: what it is necessary to know?
In life of each woman (it is not obligatory only women) once there comes the moment when awfully it would be desirable to change something in own appearance. The best way – to change a hairdress or, at least, a hair color.

Hair-dyes: what it is necessary to know?

First of all, it is necessary to be defined, why you are going to dye hair, after all the choice of painting means will depend on it. There are five widespread reasons: 1) change of a natural hair color – clarification or, on the contrary, coloring in more dark tone, having received resistant color; 2) painting of a gray hair; 3) an osvezheniye of the painted hair; 4) giving to natural color of a saturation, coloring "to match" or a little more darkly; 5) allocation of separate locks.

Types of hair-dyes

Irrespective of, why you want to change a hair color, the female Internet portal the Beauty Country Tyumen suggests you to familiarize with types of paints before starting direct coloring.

Bezammiachnye of a hair-dye

Hair-dyes: what it is necessary to know?
Coloring of hair by such paints is the most delicate – they are absolutely harmless to hair. Such paints especially suit those who plans to return over time the natural hair color. However it is necessary to remember that with such paint you will not manage to change your hair color considerably. The paints which are not containing ammonia, only slightly shade hair, add shine to hair and do their color to more saturated.

Remember that there are also natural dyes for hair, such as henna and басма.

Gelevye ammoniac hair-dyes

They differ from usual paints only a structure. These are the resistant hair-dyes, allowing to change a hair color on two tones (is more light or is more dark) and to paint over a gray hair. Besides, by means of such paints you can strengthen a hair shine.

Ammoniac cream – hair-dyes

Hair-dyes: what it is necessary to know?
Such paints are one of the most popular types of paints as with their help it is possible to change cardinally a hair color, and also absolutely to paint over a gray hair.

Hair-dyes: recommendations of experts

  • Upon purchase of a hair-dye pay attention to that in a set for house coloring except the paint there was a restoring balm.

  • If at you hair are painted in блонд and you want to return the natural hair color, remember that paint from blondirovanny hair is washed away much quicker, than with natural therefore them it is necessary also затонировать approximately in two-three weeks.

  • If after coloring the shade turned out too dark, you can wait some time while color will be washed up, or to use small dodge. Put on dry hair shampoo for intensive clarification, put on a hat for a shower and heat up hair the hair dryer. Well wash out ringlets.

The main thing at a choice of a hair-dye and coloring – not to be afraid of changes, and everything by all means will develop how it is necessary!

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