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Hair loss – what reasons?

Hair loss – what reasons?
Hair loss – what there can be reasons?

The hair loss is an integral part of process of updating of an organism. The place of the dropped-out hair is occupied over time by the new. The hair loss reasons at different people certainly the different. There is a number of preconditions such as: application of medicines, radiation exposure, chemotherapy, influence of chemical means, hormonal factors and food, disease of a thyroid gland, various types of skin diseases and stress. The majority of the called reasons are temporary, but some have constant character.

In addition, as the reasons of a hair loss duration and a way of life, and as rate of aging of an organism can serve. Average life expectancy of a hair about 4.5 years. After that it dies off and drops out, and in some months its place occupies a new hair. Frequent washing of the head by modern shampoos, hot drying and combing can serve as the reason of loss of hair. At the age of 30 years as men, and women start to lose hair. However at men hair drop out much more intensively.

Many of us heard the statement that the problem of a stress is at the bottom of loss of hair. It is a naked truth. Excessive physical tension and an emotional stress which were caused by a trauma, an illness or operation, can become the reason of 2 types of a hair loss. First, it is symptomatic телоген that is not the most terrible at loss of hair. The hair ceases grow and is in a peculiar hibernation. In 2-3 months it drops out and on its place grows new in 6-9 months.

Hair loss – the reason an illness

Other type of a hair loss on an etiology is an ochagovy baldness or an alopetsiya. It results from attack of white blood little bodies to hair follicles. As a result of it, all hair can drop out literally for some weeks.  The hair loss occurs the whole scraps, and in especially sharp forms there can be a baldness of all scalp of a body. At an alopetsiya plan of treatment after which hair start after a while grow is necessary.

Hormonal violations can serve as the hair loss reason not seldom. If work of a thyroid gland is broken, patients quite often face this problem. Violation of level of female and man’s hormones can lead to loss also. Restoration of normal level of hormones stops at once process of loss of hair. During pregnancy all hormonal background of an organism of the woman, because of increase in a number of hormones in blood strongly changes, there can come loss of hair. When after pregnancy hormones come back to normal level, process of updating of hair is restored.

The hair loss reason – a consequence of reception of some drugs

Some medicines can become one more reason because of which hair drop out. As soon as medicines cease to be accepted, hair are restored. To the preparations provoking loss of hair, carry: the preparations diluting blood, or anticurtailing means (anticoagulants), preparations for treatment of gout, high arterial pressure, heart troubles, contraceptives and energizers, the preparations applied at epilepsy, resolvents, drugs at a course of chemotherapy and for growing thin, big doses of vitamin A.

Various infections, for example fungoid, and a various type of a disease – a volchanka, diabetes etc. can become one more factor. The female magazine warns: the hair loss can be considered and as a disease symptom therefore it is important for taking into consideration that in time to diagnose an illness.

The hair loss reason – a problem food

Problems with a food not seldom are the provoker of problems with a scalp. Anorexia, a lack of proteins and calories, fat acids and zinc, violation of work of intestines and железодефицит, anemia can become the reasons of loss of hair. It is very important to choose correctly products for health, and then at the regular use them in food you solve a hair loss question.

Thus, if at you hair strongly drop out, originally it is necessary to establish the reason of it.


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