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Hairdressing an utyuzhok – the instruction on application

Hairdressing an utyuzhok - the instruction on application
Hairdressing an utyuzhok – whether it is possible?

If you use the utyuzhok for hair only to straighten hair, know that you use not all its potential! In a beauty salon of Moscow to us told that appears the hairdressing an utyuzhok is possible. Also do not think that only hair curlers or a ployka can create on your head magic ringlets for a hairdress for every day.

Simply postpone them away! Believe that it is very simple to make remarkable and exciting curls on your hair, thus using an utyuzhok for a hair straightening.

To make a hairdressing utyuzhky to you some more subjects are required: a hairbrush, a protective tool of hair, hairspray, some clips for support of hair and, actually, your utyuzhok for a hair straightening.


Hairdressing an utyuzhok on steps

Begin with drying of hair. Best of all spiral ringlets it turns out on hair which at least two days were not washed up by shampoo. The natural oil developed by sebaceous glands of the head, will help not only to create a hairdress, but also to hold it for longer term. Sprinkle hair a small amount of means for protection to protect hair from negative consequences of influence of the iron.

By means of clips for hair, pin up the top part of the hair, having divided it into small pieces. Choose a part of hair which you will tighten up, be convinced that it not too thin for heating, and the utyuzhok will not damage hair during a wave, sprinkle this part of hair a small amount of hairspray, and then iron it by means of the iron for straightening for uniformity giving to structure of hair.

And now came to begin time a hairdressing an utyuzhok! Establish an utyuzhok, having clamped in it necessary quantity of hair, at distance of five-six centimeters from the head. If at you very long hair or if you want to tighten up only the lower part of hair, you can increase this distance. After that start to wind hair round the iron, rising above. Establish temperature an utyuzhka on value of hundred eighty degrees.

Your accuracy becomes the following step on a way to receiving spiral ringlets, you should not use too big pressure at a nakruchivaniye of hair, differently you can damage them. Keep an utyuzhok in the weakened condition, having released it for length of the hair which have remained from above. The effect from such nakruchivaniye is similar to effect of a nakruchivaniye of hair by means of hot scissors.

So, came to receive time the first ringlet! Sprinkle it hairspray, and then start to I wind the following part of hair. After the lower part of hair is tightened up, you can start a podkruchivaniye of a part of hair above. It is best of all to leave a podkruchivaniye of hair on a forward part of the head for later, and at first to wind ringlets on a back part of hair. Properly process ringlets hairspray and, voila, result there will be a stylish hairdress and a hairdressing an utyuzhok is complete!

If at you it did not turn out to make it independently, visit one of beauty salons of Vladivostok.

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