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How to clarify dark hair? Councils of stylists

How to clarify dark hair? Councils of stylists
If you want to replace cardinally the style, fill from hair color change. How to clarify dark hair will tell our Female magazine.


How to clarify dark hair? Councils of stylists

To clarify dark hair difficult, but it is possible. But the main thing at all in how to clarify black hair, in our opinion, an important question is: whether will suit you to be the blonde or not?! In more detail about that to be or not to be the blonde, read in our article.

How to clarify dark hair hydrogen peroxide?

Traditionally for clarification of hair hairdressers use hydrogen peroxide. Clarifying hair peroxide, very important is correctly to choose concentration of solution. The matter is that if to clarify hair peroxide of hydrogen of big concentration, it is possible to remain with burns on head skin and without hair. To clarify thick hair use 8-12 %-ny peroxide solution, average – 6-12 %-ny, thin – 4-8 %-ny.

So, correctly to pick up solution of peroxide it is necessary to estimate: length of hair, their structure and, certainly, natural hair color.

Usually on hair of average length it is necessary to take 50 g пергидроля. Hairdressers clarify at first a lock of hair to see and estimate result of clarification, and then put structure for all length. Time of a continence of composition of peroxide on hair also depends on length, color and specific features of hair of the client. We advise nevertheless to clarify hair at the professional in beauty salons of the city of Stavropol.

We want to remind that clarification by peroxide of hydrogen harms to hair. After such chemical influence, hair become fragile, less elastic and dry. Therefore after clarification procedure, additional leaving is necessary for hair: use of special shampoos and balms conditioners, and also masks for hair.

How to clarify dark hair: equipment and clarification stages

Procedure of clarification of hair not such and harmless as can seem at the beginning. Therefore, in order that the result of clarification answered expectations of the client, hair clarify in some stages.

Dark not colored hair for one stage can be clarified on 3-4 tones. To put in the same day clarifying structure more than once it is not recommended, as it is possible not only to burn hair, but also head skin. The subsequent stages of clarification do usually with an interval in a week. Such stage-by-stage clarification of dark hair speaks that the dark pigment of a hair is clarified slowly and for one procedure does not manage to become colourless finally.

Earlier painted hair to clarify very difficult, especially painted in red color and henna. After clarification it is impossible to foresee final option of a hair color even to the professional hairdresser. Instead of light locks color lurid or faded orange, and after henna at all green can turn out. In more detail about coloring of hair by henna and basmy read in our article.

How to clarify dark hair: how to clarify separate locks of hair?

If you want to change a hair color, but nevertheless do not decide to replace cardinally color, we advise to you to clarify some locks. For this purpose choose locks which want to clarify, put on them clarifying solution and turn in a foil.

To change color to separate locks of hair it is possible and by means of a special rubber hat with holes. Depending on composition of painting and clarifying solutions separate locks of hair it is possible to clarify or carry out kolorirovaniye procedure simply.

How to clarify dark hair in house conditions?

If you decided to clarify hair in house conditions, it is necessary to observe vysheskazanny recommendations and at home.

For a start prepare clarifying solution: 50 g пергидроля, 30 g of water, 20 g of liquid soap and teaspoon of two-carbonic ammonium.

At first clarify a separate lock or tips of hair to look at result and to be defined, in how many stages you should be clarified.

Put solution, since a nape, then on roots of hair, evenly distributing clarifying means on all length. To cover a food film hair it is not necessary. It is necessary to keep such structure on the head no more than 30 minutes, then it is necessary to wash out hair carefully. The subsequent stages of clarification carry out also as well as in beauty salons with an interval in a week.

As you can see to clarify even dark hair not too difficult, we hope that our councils will be useful to you.

Be charming!