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Biolamination of hair

Biolamination of hair

Biolamination of hair – universal procedure of care of the hair, allowing to treat, restore, protect and increase volume at the same time. Thanks to active components biolamination of hair, also, as well as the hairstyle hot scissors, relieves your hair from секущихся the ends returns them force and beauty.

Biolamination of hair: as it works

Procedure is quite simple – the special liquid consisting of cellulose of a phytogenesis and a protein is put on hair. During this procedure each hair is enveloped by the thinnest film which passes oxygen. Liquid is put on hair approximately on 25-30minut then it is washed away.

Biolamination of hair: effect from procedure

As it was told above, biolamination procedure favorably influences hair:

• The hair is protected from harmful effects of environment, and also from mechanical damages.

• The biolaminate is good means for секущихся the ends.

• The volume of a hair increases a minimum by 10 %.

• The hair color becomes brighter. In addition, the hair is protected from paint washing off (especially if it painted before biolamination procedure). The last development Japanese scientists – a color biolaminate which gives the open space for an embodiment of your imaginations.

• The biolaminate covers a hair with the thinnest film, smoothing roughnesses. The hair becomes brilliant and smooth.

• Thanks to a biolaminate of hair becomes more obedient when laying, remaining elastic.

Biolamination of hair: contra-indications

Thanks to the natural components containing in a biolaminate, it has no contra-indications. The effect after procedure remains from 4 to 6 weeks. Frequency of application of a biolaminate is not limited.

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