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Clay for hair – ancient gift

Clay for hair – ancient gift

Any woman wishes to have healthy and beautiful hair. And to reach such effect clay for hair about which we and will talk today will help.

Clay for hair – it is simple about it

All of us know about mud baths, from clay for the person we too know about masks, but to put clay on hair?
Some are surprised to how clay can be useful to hair. Still causes excitement and a question of, whether it will provoke a hair loss.

We hurry to dispel these myths, after all clay use since ancient times. And with an ulterior motive, it helps, it treats and cures hair. Huge plus of our time is possibility to use clay which extract in the different countries of the world. In the ancient time with such availability of a remedy there were problems.
There is a white, red, blue clay and some other types about which we and will talk further.

Clay for hair – what to choose?

Clay happens different, and to select it it is necessary proceeding from your purposes, under the type of hair, being guided by specifically arisen problem. So, we will allocate problems and we will define the necessary type of clay:

Dry hair.
You have dry or brittle hair? It can be owing to small amount of moisture in an organism or because of scorching beams of the sun. Then hair demand restoration and a food. For these purposes gray clay which successfully revitalizes hair is used. Also yellow clay for hair which feeds can be used and moistens head skin and hair.

Fight against dandruff can safely be carried out by means of green clay. This type of clay successfully liquidates annoying dandruff, and also релаксирует head skin.

Limp hair inclined to loss.
You with horror assume, what your hair are on the verge of risk of initial stages of loss and differ appreciable weakness? For the solution of this problem it is necessary to give forces to lukovichka of hair. And blue clay successfully helps with it. It can be used and for prevention as its action is useful at a modern rhythm of life, especially in big cities. Also against loss white clay which strengthens them operates.

Dim hair.
To return to hair former shine yellow clay for hair – will help with it the high content of potassium and iron.

The rare or damaged hair.
To restore the damaged hair it is possible by means of white clay as it contains very important for structure hair components, for example, zinc and magnesium. If you use white clay often and systematically, will notice that it gives to hair volume.

Hair which are quickly soiled.
The problem of hair which are quickly soiled, is familiar to much. And not always shampoos and balms help. Try in this case red clay, after all she gives skin balance of the head of norm. Thanks to red clay blood of head skin will well circulate, and gradually you will forget about a problem of dirty hair.

Our female magazine considers that clay for hair – an effective and inexpensive way to recover hair health and beauty.

Julia Borisova

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