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In order that hair always looked healthy and strong, it is necessary to provide with it high-grade leaving and protection. Hair-oil – that universal remedy for a long time applied in cosmetology to growth, restoration and strengthening of hair, and also a food and head skin improvement. To use them it is possible as as masks, and adding in other means on the care of hair.

Hair-oil – what to choose?

Today the huge choice of the most different vegetable oils is presented to our attention. All of them differ from each other not only on a consistence and useful properties, but also on quality, in a form of packing and offered volumes. Here, having appeared near a show-window with a large quantity of beautiful jars, before the buyer there is a difficult question: what hair-oil to choose?

For example, linen oil by right wins first place on biological value. Thanks to the contents in its composition of vitamin F, it well influences head skin and helps to struggle with dandruff.

Oil also is not less useful for Repeynoye. In it a set of various vitamins, mineral salts and that is much important, a protein. By means of such oil it is possible to accelerate growth of hair, to strengthen them, and also to improve blood circulation and to provide a high-grade food of head skin. By the way, repeyny oil perfectly relieves of an itch and prevents a hair loss. Oil of avocado feeds head skin, does hair soft and easy, facilitates combing. Is ideally suited for children’s cosmetics.

As to the castor oil extended today, it really is very useful. Restores the dry and damaged hair, adds to them force and shine. Prevents emergence of dandruff.

Oil jojoba. Thanks to the improbably dense consistence, it provides to hair permanent protection against different adverse effect, and also cleans from them the various stratifications formed after use of means for laying. Besides, with its help can return hair their natural shades.

Speaking about rice oil, it is important to note its ability to accelerate growth of hair and to prevent various inflammatory processes of head skin.

That hair grew quicker, it is possible to apply and oblepikhovy oil. It perfectly is suitable and for restoration of the injured and brittle hair.

At last, olive oil. Disinfects and moistens head skin. Hair after its application look healthy, strong and brilliant.

Hair-oil – councils on application

Our Female magazine will give some councils, following which, you, applying hair-oil, can easily achieve positive result which will not simply meet all your expectations, and can even surpass them considerably.

First, all procedures are better for carrying out, using warm hair-oil. Heat helps the majority of nutrients to get into head skin and hair is much deeper, so, treatment will be more effective.

Secondly, oil needs to be rubbed in head skin, instead of it is simple to impregnate with it tips of hair. Be not afraid, to make skin fat! On the contrary, application of vegetable oils promotes regulation of work of sebaceous glands.

Thirdly, if you have fine hair, to rub oil it is necessary only in head skin. The same at whom hair of average thickness or thick, it is possible to put it on all length.

Fourthly, it is not necessary to apply oils very often. It can lead to weighting of hair and obstruction of skin pores of the head. For an oily hair ideal option – once a week if hair not too fat also are not present need to wash them every day to apply vegetable oils better than once a month.

And the last to put oil it is better on dirty hair. So it to be distributed more evenly and it it is required much less.

Our Female magazine pays your attention that the structure of hair and head skin has the features therefore, choosing hair-oil it is better to try some options, then you, certainly, will pick up that will suit you.

Olga M.

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