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Healthy hair in house conditions

Healthy hair in house conditions
To receive healthy hair in house conditions there is very simple formula. Dermatologists advise to change leaving products since even best of them are imperfect. But there are some recommendations:

– analyze a structure of your hair;

– get the means intended for your type of hair;

– everyone some months change a brand

Change of products everyone does some months your hair shining.

If you have problem hair, thin or fragile, analyze the means used for a styling. Drying by the hair dryer, use of smoothing utyuzhok, coloring of hair – all this can destroy your ringlets.

Healthy hair in house conditions: shampoos for women

We choose the best shampoo for hair: shampoos contain active and washing substances for clarification of hair from natural oils, dirt and such pollutants as a smoke. Only not all shampoos perform this work, so many inexpensive brands can be rigid, destroying a lipidny covering of a hair. For protection of hair, use shampoo only when it is necessary for head skin. It is not necessary to wash hair every day if you have oily hair.

Volume shampoos or dense shampoos do hair beautiful only temporarily. Such means often contain not enough conditioning components, eventually hair can start to look bad.

Shampoo for shine temporarily does hair shining since it covers hair силиконами and polymers. Some contain such components as the hydrolyzed silk which do hair silky. But dermatologists say that it is best of all, when your hair look brilliant without special leaving.

For creation of a beautiful hairdress buy the good round hairbrush made of natural materials.

For the maximum light use as alternative volume shampoos with moistening components.

Healthy hair in house conditions: conditioners for female hair

The good conditioner can prevent breakage of hair. All women can use advantages of the conditioner, but special value it иммет for at whom fragility of hair, treatment by the conditioner an excellent exit is observed.

There are two main types of conditioners which it is possible to choose:

  • washing-out conditioners. Cover hair and protect them from a sputyvaniye and fragility
  • getting conditioners or deep conditioners. Are applied to smoothing of a nadkozhny or top layer of hair which can be destroyed as a result of the wrong combing, drying by the hair dryer or if you use an utyuzhok for hair.

If you want to have healthy hair in house conditions, dermatologists recommend to make a choice for the conditioners containing a protein which can strengthen hair for 10 % at the expense of temporary filling of a surface of hair.

Choosing conditioners for daily leaving pay attention that contain керамиды and wheaten or rice protein for strengthening of hair. Tree oil ши or диметикон (natural silicone) for moistening of hair.

If at you the painted hair it is preferable to use deep conditioners of times a week. Of them it is possible to leave some on all night long.

Healthy hair in house conditions: styling sprays

Mousses, gels, varnishes, ointment or wax can add light and volume for thin hair if are put correctly.

But some means at long use create effect of a helmet from hair it is awful, the varnished hair not in a fashion.

Follow conforming to the rules to avoid such effect:

  • mousses in the best way are suitable for a fair or thin hair. Put them on damp hair, only at roots.
  • gels it is best of all for averages or thick hair. Apply them on a lobby and a back part of the head.
  • apply wax and ointment to laying only on tips of hair – never use them for roots – because it will weight hair and will lower them, having cleaned volume.

Our female magazine shared with you secrets how to receive beautiful and healthy hair in house conditions. We hope they to you will be useful and you will be happy with the hair for all 100 %.