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How quickly to grow hair in house conditions

How quickly to grow hair in house conditions
Hair – the real ornament of the woman, knew it during ancient times. Exactly from there we were reached by national recipes and councils on the care of long hair. Grandmothers saved up valuable volumes of knowledge how to grow hair in house conditions, this knowledge became the real find for modern beauties who watch the appearance. Our magazine «Beauty Country» prepared for you ideas how quickly to grow hair in house conditions.

Unfortunately expensive hair preparations not always give good effect as it is promised by advertizing. To choose really good, it is necessary to try dozen of means. All this is badly reflected on health of hair. Where it is better to try the effective masks checked by eyelids for the hair, presented to us the nature.

How quickly to grow hair in house conditions, using masks.

For activation of growth and a hair reconstruction it is necessary to do stimulating growth and nutritious masks. Such masks generally contain the substances strengthening inflow of blood to head skin at the expense of irritation. To strengthen effect in a mask add natural nutritious components which are easily absorbed and fill shortage of vitamins and nutrients.

Prevention: The first 2 weeks it is possible to notice a strong hair loss. The reason that old hair start to be replaced with the new quicker. After two weeks hair become stronger and cease to drop out.

Mask from mustard.

This mask helps to fight against excessive fat content of hair, and accelerate their growth.

For a mask are necessary: 2 tablespoons of boiled water, 2 h. l. sugar (the more sugar, the burning from mustard is stronger), 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 1 yolk, 2 tablespoons of a dry mustard powder.

Equipment of drawing: To mix all components, water to add in the last turn. A mask to put on roots of hair. As it possesses drying effect, it is better to cover tips of hair with vegetable oil. After mask drawing, it is necessary to wrap up the head with polyethylene and from above – a towel. To hold such mask it is possible from 15 minutes to hour. If there will be a strong burning, it is better to wash away at once.

For normal hair a mask to do once a week, an oily hair – time in five days, dry – once in ten days.

Mask with tincture of siliculose pepper.

How quickly to grow hair in house conditions
This mask is very popular, because gives notable effect. At regular use hair become longer, more densely and more beautifully. From roots new hair which had before no possibility to sprout start to appear.

For a mask are necessary: 1 tablespoons of tincture of siliculose pepper (is on sale in a drugstore), warmed-up kastorovy (or another) oils, any hair balsam, it is possible for 1 tablespoon the hair balsam prepared by the hands in house conditions.

Equipment of drawing: A mask to put with a wadded tampon along hair partings. It is not necessary to rub. To wrap up with polyethylene and from above a towel. It is necessary to hold so much, how many can endure. But it is not necessary to work too much, it is possible to burn. If burning is not present, most likely, tincture is delayed. Tincture it is possible to do houses most. For this purpose it is necessary to put hot siliculose pepper in a bottle of alcohol or vodka. To insist 20 days in a dark place, daily stirring up a bottle. The effect from a mask will appear at its regular use.

How quickly to grow hair in house conditions, using masks from oils.

Oil too well stimulates growth of hair. Hair become brilliant and silky.

As the best hair-oil are considered repeyny, kastorovy, olive and baked.

It is enough to warm oil and still warm to put on roots of hair. Then to cover with polyethylene and to wrap up with a towel. To take on hair 1 hour and to wash away with shampoo.

Vitamin mask.

To mix 10 drops of vitamin E and And, 2 tablespoons of repeyny oil and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. A mix to warm up and put on hair. To hold not less than 1 hour. To do such mask every other day. The effect will be tremendous.

If hair секутся, cut off the ends. The good way for this purpose is a hairstyle hot scissors. In such a way tips are accustomed to drinking and more long not секутся.

For the best effect it is possible to register in cosmetology procedures. Well influence health of hair an ozonoterapiya, a’CO?«?oa?y, mikrotokovy therapy.

We hope that you found for yourselves the answer to a question: «how quickly to grow hair with house conditions». Be beautiful and healthy together with a portal the Beauty Country!