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Masks for hair: natural cosmetics in the summer

Masks for hair: natural cosmetics in the summer
– an ideal time for natural cosmetics. Berries possess surprising curative properties. During the high season them it is necessary to eat in plenty and, of course, to freeze, that all year to prepare curative broths. Vegetables, fruit, fresh needles and herbs – fine "menu" for hair. With it ringlets become even more magnificent and stronger.

Masks for hair: natural cosmetics in the summer

Our female magazine prepared for you the best recipes of summer masks for hair from natural, natural cosmetics.


Mask for hair from a beet.

The mask from a beet will help an oily hair to remain more long easy and magnificent.

To grate a half of a large beet. To add 1 tablespoon of oat flour, to mix. To put on hair for 30 minutes. The head to wrap up a towel. Then to wash up the head. To do such mask 2 times a month for 3 months.

Coniferous broth for hair

Coniferous broth looks after a brittle hair.

5 tablespoons of needles to fill in with 2 glasses of water. To cook 30 minutes. In 20 minutes to filter. To rinse hair after each washing of the head within 2 months.

Apple mask for hair

The apple mask will stop a hair loss.

1 big apple to rub on a small grater. To add 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 ч.л. repeyny oil. To put a mix on the head. In 3 hours to wash away. To do a mask 2 times a week within a month.

Balm from a horse-radish.

It will make hair silky.

1 small cut root of a horse-radish to cook 40 minutes in 1 liter of water. To cool. To filter. To add 1 ч.л. spirit tincture of a calendula. To put on hair after washing for 20 minutes. To do so once a week within 2 months.

Balm not to wash away!


Infusion Ivan – tea for hair

Infusion Ivan tea will relieve you of dandruff.

To make 5 tablespoons of a flower Ivan tea in 0,5 glasses of boiled water. To cool. To rub in head skin. In 20 minutes to wash away. To do so 2 times a week within 1 month.

Mask from mayonnaise

Try a miracle – a mask. If hair from frequent coloring became fragile and faded, them спасёт usual mayonnaise.

Before Glova’s washing to put on hair of 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise. To wash away water, then to wash up hair shampoo. After three such procedures hair will begin to shine.

Mask from kefir

If you want, that you had beautiful hair without dandruff, once a week put on hair curdled milk or kefir.

From above put on a cellophane package. In half an hour wash up hair shampoo. Be not lazy, and beautiful hair to you are provided.

Lotion from onions

From a hair loss you will be helped by a lotion from onions.

To fill in 2 small cut bulbs 1,5 glasses of vodka. To insist 2 hours. With this lotion to grease head skin once a day.

Hair are a reflection of our internal energy, our health, the hidden sexuality. In a dream hair symbolize wealth.

And, really, beautiful hair are a wealth of any woman, by means of a stylish hairdress, well-groomed hair it is possible to turn from a gray mouse into the queen.