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Basma: how to receive a black hair color?

Basma: how to receive a black hair color?
Use басмы – one of the most widespread ways of coloring of hair in black color. This natural dye does not harm to hair, and opposite – restores their structure, feeding and giving them shine.

Basma: how to receive black color for hair?

Attention! The female Internet portal the Country of Beauty of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra warns – in connection with very slow penetration басмы in hair its wrong use threatens with giving to a hairdress of a greenish hair color. It in particular concerns those women who already had the first gray hair, the first "silvery" locks. Actually for this reason the powder басмы is necessary for mixing surely with henna – only thus you will manage to avoid undesirable consequences.

Preparation for coloring of the basmy

Basma: how to receive a black hair color?
To paint hair in black color, it is necessary to prepare henna, басму, a brush for paint drawing, a hairbrush and a disposable cellophane hat. Remember that the powder басмы very strongly soils clothes therefore for the period of procedure of coloring of hair it is desirable to put on any unnecessary and old things. It too concerns a towel – better if it is old as cannot be removed spots from басмы.

We mix a powder басмы and henna in the ratio 2:1 in porcelain or glass capacity. For giving of a bigger saturation, naturalness I blossom and for firmness of color of the painted hair it is possible to add there as well a pinch of usual table salt. Now with warm water we start to plant a mix until it on a consistence will not remind paste or dense yogurt.

Coloring "kitchen" in black color with the help басмы

To put the received mix it is necessary only on dry hair. For overlaying of dye use a special brush is for your convenience evenly to distribute it. Put on each eight centimeters of your hair about 100 grams of natural dye. That spots on hands long did not remind you and surrounding about coloring procedure, surely use gloves.

Basma: how to receive a black hair color?
Do not forget about that is absorbed басма in head skin very quickly therefore in the course of drawing of dye it is necessary to be very careful. After you put all mix on hair, take a comb or a brush and with all care comb hair. Fasten them an elastic band and put on the head a hat. To hold басму on hair 60-90 minutes are necessary.

A large amount of flowing water carefully wash up hair. However thus do not use shampoo because so you simply will wash away paint.

Remember that up to the end dye will be absorbed in hair only on the expiration of three days. Our female Internet portal warns, if suddenly your hair got a greenish shade, it is not necessary to worry, it will pass over time.

The bedding is desirable for changing for older, after all in the first some days after coloring during a dream the fabric can strongly be soiled.

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