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Fashionable hairstyles

Fashionable hairstyles 2011

The come year of the Cat though is expected quiet and quite predictable, however his fashionable tendencies continue to prove persistently the return not only the most unpredictable combinations of flowers, but also the real revolution of female hairstyles. So to walk in a foot to fashionable trends and not to look old-fashioned, our female magazine recommends something to change in the image. Any modern woman should have a hairstyle not only accurate, but also fashionable. Certainly, to increase long hair or to cut off the smart curls only because in this season they are not actual – it is not necessary. After all the imagination of stylists knows no limit: they think out fashionable hairstyles for any length and a form of hair. The majority of stylists in 2011 accent made on long hair. The cascade, asymmetry – all this is also actual. As to color? The preference is given to natural shades. Before beauty salon visit, it is necessary to begin with selection of one of further offered fashionable hairstyles of this year.

The modernized retrohairstyles

Certainly, the fashion on hairstyles in style of a retro did not die away since the moment of its emergence, namely on "penalty" and "volume fight". But it is supposed, what exactly this year they will find the most unknown popularity among owners of hair of average and short length.
So, we will begin with a hairstyle to "penalty" as it underlies the following two fashionable hairstyles of this year. Not many know that "penalty" can carry not only with absolutely straight hair. Easy curls, both on all length of hair, and on tips very romantically look. However, having decided to update the appearance by means of this fashionable hairstyle it is necessary to consider that this year the bang should be rectangular, and color — dark-chestnut or black, but it is obligatory with red outflow. But the main thing in this hairstyle after all there is an absolute flatness of lines. Therefore to "penalty" should become a hand of the real master, instead of the close girlfriend.
The following fashionable hairstyle of this year is the hairstyle "page" which represents to a penalty, but only is a little shorter and with a fragmentary bang. It it will be ideal to look on quite dense and direct by nature hair. And the last hairstyle for short and average are long, the hairstyle "volume fight" is. The length of a hairstyle completely corresponds to length to "penalty", and the bang was borrowed at "page". It is considered, what exactly it will find the most unknown popularity among youth. To add a little impudence to the hairstyle it is possible, having painted hair in the most white color which only is offered by modern paints.

Deliberate negligence of a hairstyle

If we always try to make a hairdress as it is possible more accurately, this year the wind only is welcomed. As deliberate negligence of a hairstyle with success will head such trend also the next year. The sheer disorder on the head found the popularity more than two ten years ago, and this year it will appear before lovers extraordinary in brighter and impudent look. Usually such hairstyle is welcomed on long hair, however negligence of a hairstyle can be present and on the short.

Cдержанные female hairstyles

Certainly, many prefer more reserved hairstyles, and this year for them also there is an offer from world stylists. Classical style of a female hairstyle is always welcomed, therefore it is possible to be quiet fashionable with a monophonic hair color and without use of any ornaments. In this case, at the head the sheer restraint!

Fashionable hairstyles for different types and length of hair the Long straight hair

Having long equal hair, you should not fit mass of efforts for creation of a fashionable image. This year such hairdresses carry with a long bang which begins on the top and comes to an end below eyebrows. More often it do equal, but it is possible to choose and a slanting bang. It depends on own preferences and tastes. This hairstyle looks beautifully not only when hair are dismissed. They can be twisted in a fig, to do a high or low tail.

Curly long hair

Having a curly long hair, it is possible to make the cascade. This fashionable hairstyle will allow to allocate each lock. If hair of one length, it is necessary to do an equal hair parting and by means of a pile to add volume at roots. The bang will approach any: the straight line which has been tightened up or slanting. This hairstyle does not become less fashionable if will be in general without a bang.

Fashionable hairstyle for hair of average length

For hair of average length in 2011 there is only one fashionable hairstyle – a penalty. To much can seem that the similar hairstyle absolutely will not suit them. This big error. To a penalty – a beautiful, practical and many-sided hairstyle. At least one of its versions by all means will be pleasant to you and will approach: the extended option (to shoulders) or a mini-penalty (is slightly lower than ears), ideally equal or cut off on one side, a bean or classical, with a bang or without. To a penalty can be ideally laid, or to have effect of slightly wild hair. Laying of this hairstyle will not take a lot of time

Fashionable hairstyles for owners of short hair

Especially short hairstyles (under the boy) look more interesting with the tousled locks. But the most fashionable hairstyle considered a bean. Any option will approach: the fragmentary or accurately set hair, are asymmetric or slanting. Also to a hairstyle a bean it is characteristic: negligent bang, indistinct hair parting and fragmentary locks. The hairstyle with the name the page also "made the way" on a fashionable Olympus. But it is worth to remember that favourably it looks only at people with a thick, brilliant and equal hair

As a whole, fashionable hairstyles of 2011 are rather many-sided: beginning from the classical laid ringlets and finishing dishevelled a bean. It is necessary to draw a conclusion what to pick up a fashionable hairstyle it is possible for any woman and to make it rather easy. The main thing, in a pursuit of fashionable image not to forget about own tastes and desires. Also it is necessary to be more attentive: after all not each fashionable hairstyle will suit you. To select a hairstyle it is possible depending on a shape of a face. Naturally, in a hairdressing salon it is possible to consult with the expert.

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