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Features of care of hair in the spring

Features of care of hair in the spring
Spring! Perhaps, all of us rejoice to its arrival. All of us wait spring, we prepare for spring… And with pleasure we observe, how practically in the face of everything around blossoms, revives. We change also – we hurry to update in shops clothes, we are switched to accessories of bright coloring, hastily we get cream and oil for a body, someone starts to grow thin and registers in fitness.

Well and what features of care of hair in the spring? Just our hair are almost the most appreciable and bright our sign and certainly, hair demand special attention and leaving during those periods when the organism is weakened after winter when shortage of vitamins and useful microcells is sharply felt, and all this is capable to lead both to an aggravation old, and to development of various new diseases, including it can be diseases of head skin and a hair.

Such diseases are shown through a number of symptoms: the increased fat content or dryness of skin, emergence of dandruff, an itch, feelings of tightening, hair can look worse or even to start to drop out.

Therefore the most correct restoring care of hair will be one of the most important nuances in elimination of such problems with hair.

The first is use of a cleaner which is capable to affect level of a hair follicle. Such cleaner can render both softening, and peeling and anti-inflammatory action on hair and head skin.

The second stage is use of the AMD treatment-and-prophylactic shampoos of Laboratory. Collagen алецин – an important operating component in their structure, being vegetative substitute of animal collagen, restores structure of hair fiber. The cleaner structure also includes extracts of herbs and wheat germs.

The following medical stage of washing of the head – AMD balm conditioner use. He allows to strengthen hair from roots to the tips. Balm conditioner not only returns to hair natural shine, but also improves appearance of a core of a hair, and also removes effect of electrostatic tension and considerably facilitates process of combing of hair after washing. One more property of balm conditioner is that at all this it never gives so undesirable effect of an oily hair.

Many to give to hair volume and color, apply coloring, a chemical wave or other impact on hair. Especially hair suffer from such procedures during the winter period. Therefore it is recommended to use nutritious RGN, ATL and ARG masks. They possess not only restoring, but also moistening with properties. At the heart of such masks the blend of natural grassy extracts, carotene, group B vitamins, extract from germs of wheat and акипокват, a conditioning additive of the last generation lies.

To apply these nutritious masks best of all two-three times a week on pure damp hair – i.e. right after head washing.

Certainly, to choose a mask not simply. Therefore our female Internet magazine advises, choosing necessary for care of means hair during the spring period, to address for consultation to doctors-trikhologam of AMD of Laboratories. Experts will tell about principles and bases of the correct leaving, and also will help to eliminate the arisen problems with hair.

In the winter hair, as well as all organism, endure a stress. It, naturally, affects appearance of hair, their condition and health. In general, spring avitaminosis – all a familiar condition. And shortage of microcells and vitamins has an adverse effect on hair also, as well as on our health.

T.E one more of features of care of hair in the spring – powerful vitamin "feed" to an organism to avoid negative consequences of avitaminosis. Vrachi trikhologi AMD of Laboratory recommend to apply to complex treatment of hair such BADY and vitamin complexes as as ULTIVIT and BURDOCK.

Let’s give some more important and simple councils on the care of hair:

– when wash the head, try gently and to mass accurately skin, not sputyvy thus hair;

– do not rub wet hair a towel and do not comb – you can damage them;

– it is not necessary to dry hair the hot hair dryer – for the weakened hair there is nothing worse!

We recommend to dry up hair naturally, and already then to walk the hair dryer with cold air, having chosen the direction from roots to tips of hair. Such procedure will give to your hair блекс.

The most important, remember about that your hair demand protection from UF-izlucheniya, a static stress and coloring. Such protection can be reached, applying a protective lotion of PRC. This lotion includes vegetative components, essential oil of a bergamot which have strong protective effect in the structure.

The beauty not only will save the world, but also is the main weapon in an arsenal of the modern person. Please with the beauty close and surrounding, do not forget to care of itself! And to look after itself it is possible with pleasure, rejoicing to spring and summer!

As soon as you felt that your hair changed, became worse to look, and you cannot cope with a problem – do not lose time, at once come to experts, after all only they can "understand" your hair and help them!

Well and at last, at a clinic choice for treatment of hair, pay attention to a number of important points:

  • As in the market the medical institution chosen by you long functions;

  • Whether the medical institution possesses the medical license which grants the right to treatment of hair. Or, probably, you appeared in a usual beauty salon or salon on manufacturing of wigs – they cannot cure hair!

  • Trikhologiya – a science about hair – whether is the main activity of medical institution? After all only in specialized institutions to you will render all range of necessary services.

  • What treatment is applied in clinic: complex or being reduced only to shampoos from a drugstore and fashionable now mesotherapies?

  • Specialists of clinic work with you in an individual order, selecting a course for you and your hair, or offer standardized a course "for all occasions".

Vrachi trikhologi Laboratory AMD help more than 15 years people, will help also to you!