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Fight against dandruff

Fight against dandruff
Dandruff or, scientifically, seborrhea – the extremely annoying and terrible phenomenon for image. It is necessary to face it to very many people. If the person does not intend to suffer from this defect, fight against dandruff which needs to be carried out competently begins.

Fight against dandruff: main mechanism of emergence of seborrhea

Dandruff appears because of violation of work of sebaceous glands. These malfunctions often arise because of hormonal changes in an organism therefore is stronger than all this to frustration teenagers are subject. By the way, men in much bigger degree, than women. Other reasons of dandruff – violations of hygiene, a problem with a stomach and other internal, neurologic diseases.

In norm sebaceous glands constantly develop a little skin fat – it it is necessary constantly to support the necessary humidity and a certain chemical environment in our skin. In other words, skin fat humidifies and protects skin. Problems with sebaceous glands arise, when fat is developed too much or too little. Therefore seborrhea happens 2 types: fat and dry. And fight against dandruff passes absolutely differently.

The modern pharmaceutics can offer a number of the means intended for such problem as fight against dandruff. But cure dandruff only the comprehensive approach can. First of all, it is a diet, vitamin-rich and minerals – vitamins A are especially important and S.Luchshe whenever possible to avoid fat, spicy and tinned food. It is necessary to wash the head with various medicinal infusions regularly. But first of all – to find out the dandruff reason. It is possible that thus the organism asks you to be engaged in the health.

Fight against dandruff: superfluous greasiness

At fat seborrhea skin very fat, it shines and is inclined to inflammations and reddenings. At a disease the thickening and ogrubeny skin, its unpleasant color, and also that it very quickly becomes soiled is very appreciable. Usually all this is accompanied by an itch and a gray-yellowish raid from чешуек skin on hair. Fat dandruff provokes a hair loss.

There are masks for the hair, skin facilitating a condition at excessive greasiness. Leaves of a birch fill in with boiled water and insist, and this infusion wash the head two-three times a week with a course in 15 procedures.

Fight against dandruff will be more successful if to apply a mask from a fresh-water sponge. For its preparation a little powder of a fresh-water sponge mix from 3 % solution of boric acid, heat up and gradually lead up to density of sour cream. This warm weight needs to be rubbed in head skin and to leave on half an hour, then to wash away. Plan of treatment of 6-8 procedures with an interval in 5 days.

Fight against dandruff: strong dryness

Dry head skin demands special leaving. It is best of all to wash the head with egg yolks and in general natural means, and before washing to wrap up. Infusion of a dushitsa perfectly is suitable for this purpose: plan of treatment makes 12-15 procedures 2-3 times a week. An interval between courses of 3 weeks.

Pleasant and useful delicacy for hair – an istolchenny filbert in a mortar. Having added in a powder a little bit waters, a nut kashitsa to put for a while with massing, rubbing movements on head skin. Course of 20 procedures.

Another edible, but less (and for whom and more) appetizing means – onions. Infusion from a peel of onions (1:10) is long since used to treat dandruff. With it wash the head 2 times a week or use as a mask, putting on head skin by means of a wadded tampon. The course makes 10 procedures.

These useful procedures for hair – a fine way поухаживать for itself. But having faced such problem as dandruff, it is not necessary to self-medicate. Our female magazine considers that fight against dandruff surely should begin with consultation at the expert.

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