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Fire cut-burning of hair fire!

Fire cut-burning of hair fire!
The hairstyle
allows to make fire hair more healthy, strong and elastic, to add to them shine and to seal секущиеся tips. There is it thanks to impact of open fire on a hair core. Unlike a hairstyle hot scissors which influence only tips, when roasting hair are processed on all length. By Cheshuyki are densely pasted to each other, sealing inside not only moisture, but also those nutrients which were put before procedure.

There passes a hairstyle fire in some stages. The first – head washing with massage which strengthens head skin, improves blood circulation and weakens. Then the protective film by means of the conditioner or a nutritious mask is created. Further hair are prepared directly for the hairstyle – sated with proteins, липоаминокислотами, a keratin and other construction material for creation of natural shine, elasticity and elasticity. After all preparatory procedures process of a burning of hair by open fire begins. The hairstyle repeats in all directions of cuts, at desire of the client the main length of hair remains. At once after procedure the special product is put on tips of hair, as a part of which difficult air cinnamon which protects tips from bifurcation.

At first sight, the hairstyle fire is a risky process, but the effect from it will not keep itself waiting long. In one and a half minutes after a hairstyle the stunning result is appreciable! Your hair gain mirror shine, volume, elasticity, and the main thing, a healthy and well-groomed look.

Certainly, to trust the hair it is necessary to professionals with a wide experience. In network of the beauty salons "Allure" which became nominaty to the European award in the field of beauty and «Aurora» health, you will be met by the highly skilled professionals which skill will allow to take pleasure not only result, but also to receive unforgettable impressions of this procedure, and refined classical style of an interior will allow to relax. After all the main idea of salon – to provide the client with all necessary services, having saved thus his time and money.



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