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Coconut oil in care of hair

Coconut oil in care of hair
Salutary force of coconut oil is familiar to mankind since ancient times. From history it is authentically known that Cleopatra had smart and improbably beautiful hair thanks to application on the care of them coconut oil.

Coconut oil in care of hair

Today this oil deliver us from Philippines, India, Indonesia. For certain, you had to see brilliant hair of Indians in films. The Indian women actually since the childhood apply coco oil to hair. This amazing product belongs to that natural hair-oil which differ not only curative properties, but also pleasant taste and aroma.

Advantage of coconut hair-oil and head skin

In considerable volume into composition of oil of a coco enter триглецириды and saturated fats. For this reason oil is very well absorbed in head skin. And the content of kaprinovy acid provides antibacterial effect.

Трихологи advise to apply coconut oil to people with the whipped tips of hair and strongly damaged hair, and also at a hair loss. It is useful to use oil and for dry hair. At care of hair coconut oil hair become brilliant, silky, strong, soft and dense.

Coconut oil in care of hair
Coconut oil in care of hair: recipes

Our female magazine the Country of Beauty of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra prepared for you 6 most widespread recipes for appearance and health of your hair with application of coconut oil.

1. Take coconut oil and some its drops put on a crest. Comb accurately hair from roots to tips.

2. On a water bath warm up coconut oil. Then put it on hair. Wrap the head a package or a food film. Hold hour then wash away shampoo and warm water. Thanks to this procedure you will get rid of dandruff, improve growth of hair, and also strengthen roots.

3. Prepare 10 g of a flower of a camomile of chemist’s and 10 g of small cut leaves of rosemary. In the received mix add coconut oil (100 g) and put on a water bath. In a current of 30 minutes heat up, from time to time stirring slowly. In dark glasswares pour weight and put to be insisted in a cool place. In seven days once again warm up a mix and filter – the mask is ready. To put a mask on hair and head skin follows quiet massing movements. After that the head put on a special hat or a plastic bag. To hold half an hour and to wash away shampoo.

4. 100 g of coconut oil warm up on a water bath, it is possible even in the microwave oven. Add in it pink clay (100 g) and mint oil (10 drops). Everything carefully mix and the received mix put on hair and head skin. Leave for 5-10 minutes and wash away shampoo and warm water.

Coconut oil in care of hair
5. Preparation of a mask needs 1 teaspoons of lemon and onions juice, 1 tablespoon of warm coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of kefir. Carefully mix all components and put on all length of hair. Cover the head with a food film or a plastic bag. In one hour wash away warm flowing water and shampoo. This mask for hair growth, besides it effectively restores the damaged hair, giving them a healthy look.

6. Prepare coconut oil, rose and rosemary extracts. Carefully all components mix. Heat up a mix on a water bath or in the microwave oven, stirring slowly, that did not burn. Put from roots to tips of hair. Hold a mask 2 hours and wash away shampoo. It is ideal option for preservation of health of hair in a cold season.

Are not lazy! Indulge the hair masks and balms, do head massage, in reply to it your hair will pay back you with a storitsa.


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