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Hair on hairpins – it is convenient and popular

Hair on hairpins – it is convenient and popular
The hair extension a method of hairpins is popular because of convenience. This cold building which can be made in a beauty salon.

The master will offer any fashionable hair color on a choice. It is possible to choose color most approached to the natural. Thus, at high-quality execution hair on hairpins cannot be distinguished from the own.

Hair on hairpins: what is it?

Procedure will not take a lot of time and does not deliver discomfort. Usually it lead, if it is required to increase urgently hair, for example, for any holiday or a romantic dinner.

Classical building costs dearer a klipsovy method (hairpins are called as clip-on earrings), and also more time demands. Hair on clip-on earrings are fixed on narrow and wide locks of own hair. Hairpins are well disguised by natural hair. Thus, unprofitable locks even it is invisible, and the hairdress turns out magnificent.

Who long time goes with the increased hair, knows that such hair sometimes bother. What to do? To say goodbye to such beauty? It is necessary to go to salon. And suddenly the mood tomorrow will exchange? And hair on hairpins can be removed easily independently.

And it is possible to look after them by own efforts. Hair on hairpins wash, dry, twist a ployka or nippers. There is no difference from own hair. Some even sleep with unprofitable locks. But it is better to remove after all for the night the increased hair to avoid their complication.

Hair on hairpins: how everything to make most?

Some women of fashion attach hair on hairpins in house conditions. Special small zakolochka for this purpose will be necessary. In the beginning it is necessary to allocate narrow and wide locks. Wide locks come nearer to the top part of the head, and narrow – to temples.

Hair from above are pinned up on the top that did not disturb. It is necessary to begin with an occipital part of the head, делаея a parting in the middle by means of a pile at each ringlet. The hair parting is necessary for fastening of new locks. Unprofitable locks for a nape are fixed by hairpins from below up. Each fastened lock should become covered at once by own locks from the top part of the head. Hairpins it is necessary to have at distance from each other in several centimeters. 

According to the same scheme the area of temples is studied. After all procedure it is necessary to check uniformity of density of hair which need to be combed. But it is necessary to comb, without pulling hair. And the hairdress is ready!

Our female magazine considers that hair on hairpins is a choice of the modern woman of fashion.

Julia Borisova

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