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Many women would like to have ideally smooth hair, thus without losing daily precious time for a hair straightening an utyuzhok or the hair dryer. Now there is a possibility to undergo procedure which will allow hair to remain smooth and brilliant some months. In Irkutsk it can be made in the Beauty salon Valensio, there the keratinovy hair straightening without damages is made on LISSE DESIGN Keratin Therapy ALFAPARF MILANO cosmetics.

Keratinovoye a hair straightening – as occurs procedure

In the Beauty salon Valensio for procedure LISSE DESIGN Keratin Therapy ALFAPARF MILANO cosmetics is used.

For a start hair are cleared by special shampoo. It straightens hair and opens a cuticle, thus preparing hair for straightening procedure.

After drying of hair by the hair dryer, the smoothing fluid is put. It changes a keratin arrangement in a hair and does hair smooth without chemical destruction of sulphidic bridges.

For damaged and секущихся the hair is applied straightening cream. It is put only in case of very damaged hair, fixes cosmetic effect of procedure. Facilitates and shortens combing and hair straightening time an utyuzhok, and also protects hair from warm influence.

At the following stage hair are necessary for drying the hair dryer and to walk several times on each lock an utyuzhok that useful components were fixed in a hair. But thus the structure of a hair is not made heavier and does not change, because the cosmetics of LISSE DESIGN Keratin Therapy does not contain some harmful sulfates, salts and парабенов, and also does not contain silicone, only natural components a keratin and collagen.

After that hair will be washed by simple water.

The moistening mask becomes the last stage of procedure. It humidifies and interferes with dryness of hair, helps to slow down natural process of drying. Hair look bright, brilliant and them it is easy to comb.

Keratinovoye a hair straightening – result of procedure

Keratinovoye a hair straightening provides a smooth, silky, brilliant, healthy and straight hair. LISSE DESIGN Keratin Therapy cosmetics from ALFAPARF MILANO is 100 % safe technology, does not contain some formaldehydes, парабенов and other unhealthy components.

To wash hair it is possible though next day! The result will remain till 3rd months!

Besides, the keratinovy hair straightening is suitable for all types of hair – including for painted, chemically processed and very damaged. By means of it it is possible to correct mistakes of a chemical wave or to get rid of it if the client did not like ringlets and them it is difficult to stack.

The keratin — the main component of hair, but, unfortunately, its contents gradually decreases owing to chemical and machining. The complex which is applied to procedure, contains the hydrolyzed keratin and kvaternizirovanny collagen, guaranteeing long smoothness of hair till 3 months. On chemically processed hair the effect remains more long. On the natural, intact hair the effect remains till 2 months.

During procedure by means of heat the complex changes a keratin arrangement in a hair, straightening them and providing smoothness. Oil бабассу – precious oil comes from Amazonia – possesses extraordinary softening properties and does hair soft, silky and brilliant.

It is important to know:

– the keratinovy hair straightening does not change hair structure that is to straighten a difficult ringlet it is necessary to repeat procedure, it has accumulative effect;

– it is better to do coloring and toning after procedure;

– to set hair all the same it is necessary, only time of laying is reduced in times, and to do laying much easier;

– who uses an utyuzhok, can do without it, respectively thermal impact on hair will essentially be reduced;

– hair really shine and look healthy!

As a result of procedure you receive an ideal hairdress and can forget for a long time about a tiresome hair straightening utyuzhky or laying by the hair dryer. Your hair become smooth, brilliant and soft. They will not be пушиться even in rainy days. To keep the reached effect, after procedure it is recommended to look after hair by means of special shampoo and the LISSE DESIGN Keratin Therapy conditioner.

Our female magazine considers that the keratinovy hair straightening yields tremendous result when using qualitative cosmetics. To use procedure and special cosmetics of LISSE DESIGN Keratin Therapy ALFAPARF MILANO it is possible at professionals in the Beauty salon Valensio to the address: st. of Chekhov, 5. More detailed information can be learned by phones – 536-710, 726-665.


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