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Lamination of hair in Astrakhan!

Lamination of hair in Astrakhan!

Lamination of hair in Astrakhan!
Among uncountable services of hairdressers and stylists gains popularity lamination of hair! In Astrakhan lamination of hair becomes practically in all beauty salons. As service became more available, than earlier, each astrakhanka can test on itself magic transformation of hair. Moreover, it is possible to do lamination of hair not only in salon, but also at home. About that as well as where, lamination of hair in Astrakhan becomes, you will be told by the Beauty Country!

Lamination of hair in Astrakhan: that it

Drawing procedure on structure hair in a certain order and conditions. As a result on hair the thin film which allows to protect hair is formed, to keep color (at the painted hair or at influence of sunshine) to increase thickness of hair and, as a result, to get volume of hair.

Lamination of hair in Astrakhan: process

At this procedure the special structure which allows to restore the damaged structure of a hair is put on hair. An obligatory component in a mask applied at lamination, is the hydrolyzed proteins of wheat and a soya. Exactly thanks to them hair become elastic, smooth and brilliant.

Lamination of hair in Astrakhan lasts about 1-1,5 hours per three stages, and the effect remains till 4th weeks. First stage: washing of hair by special clearing shampoo which allows cheshuyka to reveal. Further it is put medical thermo – a mask (treats, feeds, gets into depth, restores structure of the damaged hair). And the last, the third, a stage of lamination of hair in Astrakhan – structure drawing "laminate" which closes, solders cheshuyka thanks to what hair become ideally equal, smooth, and is dazzling the brilliant. And drawings of «A liquid crystal» does hair it is dazzling the brilliant.

This procedure protects hair from the sun, a frost, a rain, a smoke, from sea salty water, from bleaching powder in the pool and other mechanical and natural damages.

Lamination of hair in Astrakhan: in house conditions

For carrying out this cosmetic procedure of the house it is necessary to get a special set of means into which as a rule enters: clearing shampoo, a reducer, spray-oil for tips and an emulsion. And it is best to study the instruction on application. It is considered that it is better to carry out some procedures of lamination of hair in salon and to observe equipment of the expert. So you can repeat house lamination more precisely. In Astrakhan any girl who cares of the hair can make lamination. At everything thus procedure in salon costs from 1500 rubles. Final cost learn in city salons, it depends on brand of ukhodovy means and length of hair.