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Technologies of a hair extension

Technologies of a hair extension
It is impossible to understand female logic, it is necessary to follow it only! Today we see the image in one image, tomorrow in other. It is possible to call the simplest and radical way of change of image hairdresses, various hairstyles of hair. So it was moved that girls with long do to hair short hairstyles, and girls with short hair, on the contrary, dream that they had beautiful long hair. However hair grow rather slowly, on the average at the adult person in a month hair grow on 15мм. To the aid of the girls wishing suddenly to become the owner of magnificent long hair, the newest technologies of the cosmetology industry on a hair extension come. About possible technologies of a hair extension will tell our female magazine.


Technologies of a hair extension

By means of a hair extension it is possible to change, and to add to hair not only length, but also volume more truly. Hair are increased by an attachment of special locks to own hair. Increased locks not big, on the average in each such lock the hair is till 20-40. Locks at distance in 1 cm from roots of own hair fasten. As a rule, hair increase around, evenly distributing locks in occipital and temporal areas of the head.

Term socks of the increased hair depends both on a condition of own hair, and from the correct leaving. On the average increased hair, depending on technology, rush from 2 to 6 months.

Today there are five main technologies of a hair extension.


Technologies of a hair extension: hot hair extension

The "hot" hair extension – essence it is reduced to that to own hair the special device (nippers, the gun) by means of warm pitches and capsules attaches increased locks of hair. In hot building it is possible to allocate some techniques:

– the Italian – locks of hair for special keratinovy capsules fasten warm electric nippers. The capsule when heating "seals" the increased lock to own hair. Such hair reliably keep, the percent вычеса is very small. At care of such hair it is necessary to try not to damage and not to touch when washing hair, laying or it is simple combing capsules. Without special correction such hair can be carried from 4 to 6 months;

– the English – locks of hair fasten to own hair by means of the special gun warm pitch, forming fastening in the form of a small capsule. Without special correction such hair will keep till 2-3 months, then will begin natural вычес a hair.

– the Korean technique – is one of new technologies of microbuilding and is that locks of hair fasten by means of the microcapsules containing wax. Such capsules are almost imperceptible, it is possible to comb quietly hair, to do laying by the hair dryer, without being afraid to damage a microcapsule. Without correction such hair can be carried from 3 to 6 months.


Technologies of a hair extension: cold glutinous building

"Cold" glutinous building (or the Spanish technology) – more difficult, than hot building, procedure. Increased locks of hair are not exposed to thermal influence, fasten to own hair by means of special glue. Glue holds locks very strongly, thus places of fastenings are almost imperceptible even when combing hair. Without special correction it is possible to carry such hair on the average 3-4 months.


Technologies of a hair extension: tape building

The "tape" hair extension is carried out by means of a special silicone tape. The Express hair technology is today the most popular. Such hair extension does not demand the special device, it is enough to get an original set of locks of Express hair only. The hair extension occurs at the expense of existence of a being self-glued tape. Moreover, consumer attractive it is possible to call and that fact that such locks can be used not once. Without correction of a lock it is possible to carry till 1,5 months.


Technologies of a hair extension: building by metal clips

Hair extension metal clips:

– Japanese ringlets – locks of hair fasten by means of small ceramic-metal clips in the 2-3rd;

– building by beads – increased hair and a lock of own hair are passed by a special hook in an opening of a bead which then is tightly closed by special nippers.

Such methods of building are not popular because used clips in addition make heavier hair and promote fast вычесу. Such hair on the average rush till 2 months.


Technologies of a hair extension: building of twisted hair

And, at last, the technology of building of twisted hair – by this technique the master at first braids a thin horizontal plait in which subsequently by means of special тресса sews increased locks of hair. Such technique is laborious, but is rather safe. The hair increased on such technology can rush without correction till 2 months.

Despite safety and comparative availability of a hair extension, it is necessary to tell some words and about contra-indications to building. It is necessary to wait a little with building, if treatment by chemotherapy, antibiotics takes place, at problems with a condition of head skin or hair.

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