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Biolamination of hair in Novorossiysk

Biolamination of hair in Novorossiysk
Yes, progress is not necessary on a place. On the one hand technologies which weaken hair (a chemical wave, coloring, laying by the hair dryer, straightening by utyuzhka) are invented and applied, and with another – the technologies, allowing it to compensate. And to pretend a hair the smart. Also notice, all this becomes to please us, women. So it for Biolaminirovaniye of a hair which is provided by salons? In what an essence? About it will tell you our female magazine.

Biolamination of hair in Novorossiysk

Biolamination is a covering of hair the thinnest plenochka consisting of protein, and a material similar to natural rubber and still different special additives. This film-forming material fills with itself all cracks, a time and roughnesses on a surface of a hair and about a month (depends on frequency of washing of hair) keeps on it.

Than biolamination differs from lamination. The little. There are some differences in structure and properties of a covering which allowed the manufacturing companies to patent some names brands (is still similar procedures under names shielding and a kauterizatsiya). Covering structure at biolamination often compare to juice of stalks of dandelions, it is rich with vegetative components, such as: the hydrolyzed wheaten protein, soya proteins, phytoextracts of a yarrow, the Roman camomile, hop. All these substances add for additional medical impact on hair and stimulations of their growth.

In the course of biolamination on pure damp hair with a brush put a dense preparation, leave for 20-30 minutes (action strengthen heat) and wash away. The preparation envelops a hair, creates an air-penetrable film.

This film creates such effects on hair:

  • does a hair for 10 % more thickly and all mass of hair looks more dense
  • svetootrazheniye – hair find glossy shine
  • protection against influence of temperatures, ultraviolet and mechanical damages
  • the effect of staylingovy means, hair are very obedient when laying
  • preservation of a shade of hair after toning and painting (the external film will be washed away, and the shade under it will be preserved)
  • wavy hair will not be «пушится», and will lay down in ringlets
  • hair not электризуются

So, biolamination it is simple a find for the damaged, overdried, chemically processed hair. Also it is excellent option to protect hair before a trip on the sea.

That is interesting, the film at biolamination can be created as colourless, and with a certain shade and rather intensive. In total palette totals about 20 tones. Color biolamination is very successful decision for the clarified hair to which need to give tone and for a situation when there is a desire hair затонировать, but it would not be desirable them to paint.

Contra-indications for biolamination are not present, and the unique shortcoming is expensive cost of procedure.

It is necessary to warn you if you have smooth healthy unpainted hair, the result will be swept less up, than in a situation if hair are exhausted and overdried.

Procedure not difficult, but nevertheless demands certain skills and abilities. Therefore it is better to trust in the qualified master (possibility to visit hands of the real professional master is a separate pleasure).

Therefore Biolaminirovaniye – procedure salonny. Though in house conditions it is possible to make something similar. You will need to get the whole series of professional preparations in specialized shops or salons and to deal with their application. Thus consider, firms manufacturers are different and the product at them differs a little. Procedure expects you the such:

  1. hair clear special shampoo which opens cheshuyka of hair (the first acquisition)
  2. further if necessary, put ottenochny means (if want to change tone of hair)
  3. put a nutritious mask to fill a hair from within (the second obligatory acquisition)
  4. and at last, moistening indelible laminating means to smooth a hair to close a kutikulyarny layer (third). Put it as paint with a brush, the lock behind a lock on all surface of hair – with such will independently consult not easy.
  5. further in salons to you would suggest to warm up hair
  6. means wash away without shampoo, can suggest to put still an additional tool for visual effects
  7. in other days it is possible to use the usual means on leaving

Here we also told you all secrets about such new and fashionable procedure! It was necessary to choose only a beauty salon in Novorossiysk! We wish you to find by means of this procedure even more beauty and pleasures.

Natalia Kostra.

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