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Brazilian hair straightening: byyuti-educational program

Brazilian hair straightening: byyuti-educational program
You are exasperated steadily by fluffy and wavy hair? You should spend a great lot of time for care of them and the bored daily laying? To solve this problem it is possible by means of the Brazilian hair straightening, it still sometimes call keratinovy. This procedure is capable to make not simply ringlets direct and gladenky, but also to sate them with albumen – a keratin.

Brazilian hair straightening: byyuti-educational program

To use this type of straightening experts of a portal the Country of Beauty of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra recommend to owners of the weakened hair, whose heads of hear are exposed all the time to procedure of coloring of hair, burning out, influence of the hair dryer or office conditioner. Besides, depth of penetration of a keratin in hair depends on extent of weakening of hair: more-more deeply.

The Brazilian hair straightening ideally suits both all types, and for all shades of hair. It is capable to turn African braids into smooth and equal hair, not to mention light or dark, curling, curly or wavy ringlets.

Procedure of the Brazilian hair straightening

Brazilian hair straightening: byyuti-educational program
In what the essence of procedure of a keratinovy or Brazilian hair straightening consists? This procedure is very similar to lamination of hair when the keratinovy structure which envelops is put on hair and fills the damaged zones of each hair. Then in thirty minutes the head of hear becomes straight an utyuzhok: to blondes the utyuzhok warms up to 180 °C, and here hair of brunettes are exposed to straightening at the temperature reaching 230 °C. At so high temperature the keratin perfectly seals the damaged places and tips of hair.

Albumen – a keratin remains on hair after procedure of the Brazilian hair straightening long enough. Solutions which are applied at a hair straightening, are gradually washed away from hair while the necessary quantity of a keratin does not remain in them. For maintenance of effect of magnificent ringlets recommend to repeat procedure every 3-5 months.

Brazilian hair straightening: characteristics

To keep beauty and smoothness of hair as it is possible more long, it is necessary to follow several elementary rules and to carry out them strictly.

  • To refrain from head washing within three days after procedure.

  • Not to wear glasses on the head and hairpins, and not to braid hair during the same three days.

  • Week to avoid sauna and pool visit, and also bathing in the sea.

  • 10 days later after the Brazilian hair straightening to paint a head of hear, using thus only bezammiachny paints, in an ideal – natural dyes for hair.

  • To use cosmetics for daily care of hair as a part of which there is the same keratin.

Brazilian hair straightening: byyuti-educational program
The Brazilian hair straightening is contraindicated to pregnant women and feeding women, besides, it is senseless to do procedure directly ahead of a trip on the sea as salty water perniciously influences a keratin.

At female forums on the Internet it is possible to encounter mass of messages from dissatisfied and grumbling girls who write that the Brazilian hair straightening promotes a hair loss. Specialists of our female magazine assure that the correct keratinovy straightening executed with use of high-quality rectifiers in beauty salons of Surgut, only will improve the general condition and a type of hair, and at all will not spoil them.


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