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Elyuminirovaniye of a hair

Whether Elyuminirovaniye of a hair
there is on light a means, capable to paint your hair in desirable color, to make them soft, smooth, brilliant, how a mirror, obedient and well-groomed? And thus such magic means will protect hair of your dream from premature washing away of a color pigment, from moisture, from the sun, from a smoke of cigarets and automobile exhausts. «Fairy tales!» – you think. – «Such does not happen!». And how modern possibilities for creativity? And how the all-powerful Japanese nation creating unique technologies? Yes, yes, successful symbiosis of these two components also allowed to argue that such magic means is invented! It also is called as Elumen. And therefore also procedure of salutary influence of this wonderful means is called an elyuminirovaniye of hair. Many beauty salons of Rostov-on-Don are engaged in such procedure. Let’s consider with the Female magazine all details of this magic means.

Elyuminirovaniye of a hair

Chemical paints get into hair structure, vytravly its natural pigment and by that destroying a hair. Hair become fragile, fragile, секущимися, so and absolutely unprotected from negative influence of environment.

At an elyuminirovaniye of hair founders were guided not by chemical reactions, and to physics laws.

Positively charged hair draw negatively charged particles of magic means of Elumen. Thus, parts of means envelop each hair a peculiar protective film, without getting into structure of a hair and without destroying it.

As a result of elyunimirovaniye procedure hair remain healthy. Moreover, Elumen as though solders секущиеся tips, levels structure of hair, doing them again integral and viable.

Numerous testings and the researches which have proved full safety of influence of this technique of coloring on hair were carried out. That is why this procedure has no contra-indications. There can be only natural dyes more safely.

Elyuminirovaniye of a hair – as passes process?

Hairdressers and the stylists who trained and have received special certification of Elumen have the right to coloring of hair by similar way only. Therefore be quiet – having decided on an elyuminirovaniye of hair, you will appear in reliable hands of the competent master.

Procedure borrows from one to two hours, depending on length and density of hair. Your hair will wash special deeply clearing and fat-free shampoo. Then will put a special mask which will prepare your hair for coloring – выровнит structure of hair for more uniform distribution of a painting pigment.

Means of Elumen is put on hair after a mask for only 30 minutes, then it is washed away by special shampoo. Drawing on hair of the protective conditioner keeping firmness of your new color becomes the last stroke of procedure of an elyuminirovaniye.

Thus, you can strike looks of people around and please own eye with resistant, saturated and juicy color within two months after salon visit.

Certainly, the elyuminirovaniye of hair will manage to you more expensively than usual coloring, but after all health and beauty of hair are invaluable! Having tried once, you will do this procedure constantly. Good luck to you in your undertakings!

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