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Hair extension in Tyumen: the new image is guaranteed!

Hair extension in Tyumen: the new image is guaranteed!
If you dream of long and beautiful hair, and own hair leave much to be desired, then the hair extension in Tyumen becomes execution of dream. At the hairdresser it is possible to increase hair to 70 see, it also will increase volume of hair.

Hair extension in Tyumen: the new image is guaranteed!

Specialists of our female magazine assure, your natural hair will not suffer because of procedure. And if you wish to clean the increased hair, the master simply will remove them, without causing harm to your hair.

How the hair extension becomes?

Hair extension in Tyumen: the new image is guaranteed!
– Having estimated a condition of your hair (roots should have healthy hair), the hairdresser defines necessary quantity of unprofitable locks depending on density of hair.

– Further it divides your hair into thin locks and special wax at distance 0,5 see from skin pastes on them new locks.

– As a rule, most of all a hair attach in an occipital part of the head. If you wish to increase volume of hair, it will take 1-1,5 hours if to increase length – 3-4 hours (about 150-200 locks).

– When on 2-3 see hair again отрастут, appreciable there are unprofitable locks and start to be confused. The master will separate your locks from artificial and after that procedure can be repeated again.

Tape hair extension in Tyumen

What itself represents a tape hair extension? This attachment of each donor lock to acrylic or silicone (everything depends, tape way you will choose what technology of a hair extension) to a tape which the hairdresser at distance of 1-3 mm from roots of hair pastes to own hair. The covering of a tape contains the gluing means which structure is identical to structure of a live hair therefore it is absolutely harmless to hair. Byyuti-tekhnologii are not at a stop, the sticky substance is improved constantly even, and today received properties, not only not harming to hair, but even looking after them.

The tape is transparent, and the increased hair select in tone with own hair. Thus, the tape hair extension in Tyumen creates illusion of natural continuation of hair as if it is your hair, and to anybody even to the head will not come that them increased. Certainly, such hair to collect in very hard bunch it is impossible. Here professionals consider that the hard bunch good does not bring anything also to the own – lovers of hard hairdresses lose bigger quantity of hair in a day. So in this plan the tape hair extension in Tyumen threatens with nothing.

In total pro a tape hair extension in Tyumen

Hair extension in Tyumen: the new image is guaranteed!
Proceeding from properties of each separately taken way of a hair extension, it is possible to choose optimum for itself. The main advantages of a tape hair extension are:

1. Procedure does not assume thermo – interventions (warm nippers, an ultraviolet) which, undoubtedly, harm to hair therefore consider a tape hair extension as the most sparing. It should be noted, the hair extension in Tyumen puts in the hot ways harm no more, than drying of hair by the hair dryer or beauty prompting with the help an utyuzhka, nippers or a ployka, but, you see, the more thermal impact on hair, the worse.

2. Procedure lasts much less in comparison with other ways of a hair extension, for this reason the hair extension in Tyumen is suitable in the tape way even for very busy women, and it on a hand and to clients, and masters, they receive more clients, thus the number of beautiful women promptly grows.

3. The site of connection of own and donor hair does not surpass 1 mm, and in weight such hair essentially easier than the hair increased in other ways. Donor hair represent organic and absolutely imperceptible continuation of the own.

4. In case of gluing of again otrosshy hair to a tape between corrections they without special work can be disconnected by means of special structure which does not harm to hair.

5. All without an exception accept technology of a hair extension in the tape way, including those who possesses very fine and fragile hair, as locks very wide, and loading is the share completely of an equal lock on width of own hair. It serves as a guarantee of that natural locks will not break under weight of the donor.

The portal the Beauty Country Tyumen came to a conclusion that the professional hair extension in Tyumen is modern service of the highest quality. To be convinced of its efficiency it is very simple – to use enough it in any specialized beauty salon of Tyumen or a hairdressing salon of Tyumen.


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