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Hair extension: ways, councils, correct leaving

Hair extension: ways, councils, correct leaving
That the plait was to the belt, girls had to raise hair almost since the childhood, constantly to look after them. Today to become the "long-haired" beauty it is possible in some hours. And will bother to have long locks – again quickly to return a short hairstyle. Whether the turned-out beauty will spoil own hair, you learn in our female magazine.


Hair extension: ways, councils, correct leaving

The hair extension is when "donor" natural locks fasten to own hair glue or keratinovy capsules. Such hair can be painted, cut, wound on hair curlers, to extend an utyuzhok. Moreover, by means of color locks it is possible to achieve effect of a melirovaniye or a kolorirovaniye, and special threads with Swarovski’s pastes will give you still a bigger glamour.

Even after an unsuccessful short hairstyle «under the boy» thanks to building it is possible to turn in Rapunzel. The main thing that own hair were not shorter 10 see.


Ways of a hair extension

Hair increase hot and cold in the ways among which distinguish German, Italian, Spanish, English, French and Japanese building.

Today there are technologies of a hair extension which do not spoil own hair, and the result looks naturally and beautifully. One of the safest techniques – when locks fasten by means of special ceramic sleeves (they are put on the hair stuck in a small knot). Remove them by means of the thermotool. The similar way practically does not damage the hair that is very important. An extension hair is not combed out, locks are thicker, than in other technologies of building therefore fastenings on the head it is required less. A minus – high cost. But at correction the same hair can be increased many times.


Councils on a hair extension

If you decided on building – first of all choose the skilled master with good recommendations.

It is very important to look after an extension hair correctly: to wash them it is possible only standing or having slightly thrown back the head back, to comb very accurately.

Remember: the main thing – health and beauty of the hair given to you by the nature. Try not to do much harm to yourself if you decided on building!


Masks for hair

But a hair extension – a method suitable, alas, not all. We offer you special masks for growth and hair shine improvement. It is desirable to do them once a week.

.Маски for an oily hair

Fresh egg shake up with a small amount of water, add a pinch drills, mix. Structure evenly put on roots of hair for 15 minutes. Carefully wash out warm water.

Masks for dry hair

2 yolks mix from 2 tablespoons of water, pour in 5 tablespoons of vodka and 1 ч.л. liquid ammonia, mix. Rub in head skin, wrap up with a terry towel, leave for 20 minutes, then wash away warm water.

Mask from henna

For improvement of growth of hair it is possible to use colourless henna. To dissolve it with hot water to a consistence of dense sour cream, to put on hair, to rub in head skin, from above to wrap up with a polyethylene film and a terry towel. To hold 40 minutes, then to wash away warm water. To do this procedure of times a week. After 5-6 such masks hair become magnificent and brilliant.

Mask with a lemon

In total it is necessary to take on one: crude egg, on 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, repeyny oil and medical shampoo (for the weakened hair). Everything to mix, smear with this mix hair, from above polyethylene and a towel. To hold hour. Then it is good to wash out hair warm water. If it is difficult to remove a mix, it is possible to use shampoo.


Psychologists argue that long female hair affect men attractively. And here if to indulge with every possible looking after procedures the native hairdress (moreover it is regular!), shine, silkiness and delighted looks of a man’s half are guaranteed to you.