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How will cope with a hair loss?


How will cope with a hair loss?
In the appointed day, during head washing, "comb" hair a hand on all head and count, how many they remained at you on a hand. So, results of dough: if on your hands it appeared to 10 hair, the reasons for concern are not present, if you counted 10-15 hair, most likely you have a seasonal hair loss if you counted more than 15 hair, it is possible to declare with confidence that you have a risk of development of an alopetsiya. This term is applicable to all types of baldness – to an ochagovy, postnatal hair loss, symptomatic baldness etc.

Hair loss – how to treat?

But it is not necessary to be frightened, after all modern medicine and космецевтика already found ways of the solution of this problem.

The GERnetic company prepared the whole series for leaving and treatment of hair. Preparations on the care of hair from GERnetic – a fine way to protect hair from harmful effects of environment, a peresushivaniye and excessive loss. Besides, it should be noted their medical properties at psoriasis, dermatitis and seborrhea.

Thus, use of means on the care of hair from the GERnetic company, becomes medical procedure of high efficiency at home. After the first application you will feel effect!

Hair loss: food of hair

As well as in all series космецевтики GERnetic, hair preparations are based on 3 basic principles: use of high technologies in production, continuous quality control and a natural power of the vegetative substances which are a part of cosmetics.


MEDUL – represents medical shampoo, very soft on the influence, but very effective. Shampoo restores structure of the damaged hair and promotes growth of the new. All this occurs thanks to bacterial cultures (which terms corresponding to a chemical composition include сульфаполисахариды; amino acids and пептиды) which contain in shampoo. The hair receives everything necessary for normal activity of substance, the potential of cages матрикса a hair bulb amplifies, local immunity is restored.

How will cope with a hair loss?

CUTICUL EXTRA PLUS – a restoring lotion. Thanks to active components – to a glutamine, пептидам, to glycoproteins, инозитолу, acetyl цистеину, acetyl to methionine, vitamins B1, В6 and extract of yeast, the lotion eliminates such problems, as a hair loss, seborrhea, dryness of hair, dandruff etc. for the short period of time. Every day your hair will be it becomes more healthy and more beautiful. For receiving resistant result and elimination of the prime cause of problems, the lotion of CUTICUL EXTRA PLUS is recommended to be applied daily after washing of hair by Medul shampoo.

To receive more detailed information on means for leaving and treatment of hair, and as to get them it is possible in Salavat the Office of medical cosmetology of GERnetic to the address: st. of Kalinin 89Б, 2nd floor of Vostochny shopping center. Ph. 8-917-44-53-535