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The biohairdressing is popular

The biohairdressing is popular
Biohairdressing – pleasant alternative

Lovely ringlets or magnificent hair? It is possible and without damage of hair, after all the biohairdressing 12 years ago was thought up. Already name of this procedure speaks about its difference from a chemical wave. Today in a fashion not only a hair straightening, but also their twisting. Why more and more women chooses a biowave? About it also will tell our Internet magazine «Beauty Country».

Biowave, advantages

Let’s talk at once about the main thing – about advantages of a biowave before a classical wave. Let’s remember all delights of a chemical wave for a start. It, of course, beautiful ringlets on half a year, the enthusiastic man’s views, the interested views of girlfriends. And what are "but"? It is a high risk simply to burn hair, having damaged their structure as a result. And also possibility of belongs to risks that hair will start to drop out. Certainly, it does not mean that the chemical wave is a danger which needs to be avoided. Simply bad work of the master, aggression of the chosen means leads to such risks for a wave, weak structure of hair and feature of technology of this procedure. Then it is necessary to do only a hair reconstruction. And may be and so that the result of a chemical wave will disappear in few weeks, but hair will not be damaged. Thus a large number of women are happy with a classical wave. So in what advantages of alternative option? The biowave does not damage hair and excludes emergence listed "but". This miracle that the delicate wave does not mean use of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and tioglikolevy acid speaks. And after all these substances also pose threat for health of hair. On the contrary, into structure of the most part of biowaves enters цистеамин хлоргидрат which is analog of the main acid containing in a human hair. Result биозавивик are not only curls, but smart ringlets are possible also. Thus hair will be shining, strong and elastic. Let’s note that the biowave suffices on half a year on the average, term depends on several factors. It is structure of hair, health of hair and size of the ringlet.

Care of hair after a biowave

Certainly, a delicate wave it is good, but leaving all the same is required. So, about care of hair after a biowave:

  1. within several days after implementation procedure биозавивики it is better not to wash hair;
  2. drying by the hair dryer is also forbidden within several days after procedure;
  3. to wash hair follows only shampoo specially for a curly hair. Silicone which does not allow hair to become dry is especially important in such shampoos;
  4. at the end of washing of hair it is required to use a conditioner for hair;
  5. to comb hair a brush it is not recommended, it is better to use a hairbrush with rare teeths, the crest will approach;
  6. if you dry hair the hair dryer, it is necessary to use the hair dryer with diffuzor existence;
  7. painting of hair is allowed only in few weeks after procedure биозавивики;
  8. beneficial influence on appearance of ringlets and ringlets renders special nutritious masks.

If the biowave is that is necessary for you, beauty salons of Moscow with pleasure will carry out this procedure for your hair.

Be unique!

Julia Borisova


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