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As I decided on a hair extension in Samara

As I decided on a hair extension in Samara

As I decided on a hair extension in Samara…

Before I always with envy and admiration looked at girls, whose hair by nature looked simply perfectly, did not demand laying and careful leaving. I with this business was not so lucky: my head of hear should be stacked for hours, and the result all the same leaves much to be desired! Probably, when distributed talonchik on beautiful hair, I stood in any other turn …

In addition to that they, as a rule, look unattractively, my hair also very fragile, weak and thin. And no means help, here in what trouble! So I also lived, горюя every day about the heavy destiny if once the girlfriend did not advise me a hair extension in Samara. It appeared that this procedure – just for such, as I! It, certainly, will not improve a condition of the natural hair, but each girl will feel it much surer, having found a beautiful hairdress!

The main effect which gives a hair extension, is an appreciable lengthening of own hair and increase in their volume. Just that also is necessary for me!

When I came to a beauty salon, to me told about several technologies of a hair extension: renders, there are Spanish, Italian, South Korean and English technologies! Who could think, the truth? Moreover, all these technicians of building share on two categories: cold and hot hair extension.

As I was explained by the master, difference of hot building from the cold consists that in the first case the increased hair fasten by means of special capsules or droplets of gluing pitch, and in the second case everything becomes with use of tapes, glue and ringlets catches.

Having a little thought, I chose a hot hair extension as it is the most modern and perfect way from a set available. Besides, for this technology hair of only the first-rate quality are used: as usual, Slavic or European. Besides, of salon me convinced that the keratin that provides longer fixing is initially put on locks. And it just suits me!

As I decided on a hair extension in Samara
I very much worried that time this technology is called «hot building», all my head will burn literally from high temperatures! As I was pleasantly surprised, when did not feel any discomfort! It appeared that the hair extension occurs at temperature 180 °-200 ° that is absolutely equivalent to temperature in the same ployka or an utyuzhka! As soon as the keratin on a lock becomes liquid, it together with this lock clamp special tweezers for receiving small flat capsules. Later these capsules turn into small plates thanks to which hair easily comb hair and look naturally! I the eyes saw, how plates accept color of my hair and become completely imperceptible!

I can not tell that stayed in a chair of the hairdresser very long: this procedure, as well as a usual hairstyle painting, takes about 2 hours. Even of my short and weak filaments could make a smart head of hear!

I admit: at first I very much doubted! But all my doubts dissipated, when the hairdresser explained: it is possible to do a hair extension on hair in length from 8 cm, and lengthening is possible to 70 cm, represent?

Also to me suggested to decorate hair with pastes or multi-colored plumelets, but I refused: such accessories nevertheless are suitable for absolutely young girls more! Besides, it is possible to do building by locks of different shades that gives unusual effect!

My new hair do not demand any special leaving. Only on correction it will be necessary to descend in 2-3 months, or to remove artificial locks in 5-6 months.

If you still deliberate and doubt, to do a hair extension or not, I advise to you – do! try! dare! Only remember, the good result depends on qualitative materials and professional work of the master. Look for professional masters on a hair extension in beauty salons in Samara.


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