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Natural hair-oil: we choose to themselves!

Natural hair-oil: we choose to themselves!
About curative properties of natural hair-oil it is known to everything, but a fine half of mankind often neglects it use because of fear of weighting and fast pollution of hair.

Frankly speaking, it is not necessary to refuse a range of possibilities, after all the most important in this case – to learn correctly to use oil. And then you always will have healthy, brilliant and pure hair, and still you will forget about dandruff and the whipped tips! All this probably thanking only to several drops of a magic natural elixir.

Natural hair-oil: we choose to themselves!

Today the Country of Beauty of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra will tell a portal to the readers as well as for what to use hair-oil!

How to choose hair-oil?

Choosing oil, remember the main property of oil – it should get deeply, completely into a cuticle of our hair. Making a start from it, pay attention to three oils: coconut, olive and avocado. It does not mean at all that other types of oils insufficiently well influence hair, their action slightly more poorly owing to structure is simple.

There is also a number of inefficient oils which do not get at all, mineral oil, oil belongs to their number jojoba, sunflower and peanut butter.

Natural hair-oil: we choose to themselves!
Hair-oil – versions

For care of hair use such natural oils more often: 

Avocado oil – hair become obedient and strong, silky and brilliant.

Coconut oil – has an excellent smell, is used for strengthening of hair, addition of shine by it and poslushnost.

Olive oil – a universal remedy which is suitable for all types of hair. If you are an owner of a thick hair, use it on all length and if the thin – put only on head skin. Olive oil perfectly strengthens hair and promotes active growth.

Here some more useful hair-oil:

Castor oil – is effective for strengthening and stimulation of hair to growth. It actually very heavy, for this reason to use it not more often than once in two-three weeks. And here as to eyelashes and eyebrows, it is possible to grease them with castor oil though every day – receive dense and improbably beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows.

Agranovoye oil – it very sticky to wash up which it is difficult, but the result will meet all expectations! Obedient, strong, fragrant, brilliant and faultlessly smooth hair – here for that it is possible to wait after application of several drops of wonderful oil! The unique note – do not use it if you have fine hair.

The following oils are not less effective: palm, apricot, sesame, cocoa oil, oil ши and hazelnut oil.

Hair-oil – how to use?

Natural hair-oil: we choose to themselves!
At first it is necessary to use oils a method «tests and mistakes», constantly to experiment, after all hair at each of us different, and it is necessary to find "dosage", to be defined, what oil approaches and yields the best result. Can put oil on full length of hair or only on tips, to rub in head skin for half an hour before washing and an opolaskivaniye of hair and to add in structure of masks for hair. And when hair will get used, you will see, what amazing result is reached thanks to several drops of oil!


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