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Gelatinous shampoo – house lamination of hair

Gelatinous shampoo - house lamination of hair
It is said that many world celebrities for washing of the head use not so precious structures with pearls-placenta-gold or still it is not known that, and usual shampoos for horse manes and tails.

Gelatinous shampoo – house lamination of hair

The main component of this wonderful means as care of hair is usual food gelatin which, enveloping hair, tails and manes, adds them desired shine and volume. Experts of our female magazine share the recipe of elementary preparation of gelatinous shampoo in house conditions.

Gelatinous shampoo: gelatin for volume and shine

Gelatin is effective natural remedy for strengthening of hair, giving to hair of very beautiful saturated shine and fight with секущимися the ends. Experts recommend to use the most usual food gelatin as house lamination of hair, the effect – is worse nothing than salonny procedure.

Gelatinous shampoo - house lamination of hair
In itself food gelatin is very useful to a head of hear, it contains proteins and amino acids which are natural construction materials for a hair in a large number. But if you add grassy broth in gelatinous shampoo, you receive the real miracle cure which will relieve of dandruff, will accelerate growth of hair and will give to a hairdress volume.

We prepare gelatinous shampoo

For preparation of gelatinous shampoo it is required to us: food gelatin (1 tablespoon), usual cosmetic shampoo for hair (1 tablespoon) and grassy broth (1 tablespoon). At will it is possible to add essential oils.

Can try at first this effective mask for hair on your usual shampoo if there will be a result "rather heavy", take shampoo of simpler structure, for example, the children’s.

Certainly, the best result you reach, having addressed in beauty salons of Tyumen but if on it you have neither time, nor money, make house lamination. Fill in a grass with boiled water, leave for 15 minutes, then ready grassy broth cool. Add in broth from herbs 1 tablespoon of shampoo and 1 tablespoon of gelatin, mix carefully and let’s to gelatin bulk up within 15-20 minutes. After put gelatinous shampoo on hair and leave for 5 minutes, then wash away.

What it is better to use herbs for gelatinous shampoo and why?

Gelatinous shampoo - house lamination of hair
Camomile – softens and clarifies hair.

Nettle – for growth and strengthening of hair, excellent prevention of a hair loss.

Burdock (other name – a burdock) – for strengthening and dandruff elimination.

Calendula – has anti-inflammatory effect, clarifies.

Mint – for strengthening of hair, prevention of emergence of dandruff – will be provided by health to hair.

Sage – for a food and hardly appreciable toning of dark hair.

Linden – for giving to smoothness and volume hair.

Attention! When manufacturing gelatinous shampoo attentively look at composition of your shampoo, our female Internet portal the Beauty Country at Tyumen recommends to use shampoo which does not contain лаурилсульфат some sodium. Why? Laurilsulfat of sodium belongs to surface-active to substances (PEAHENS), these are cleaners which perfectly foam. PEAHENS quite often cause irritations and an allergy, tarnishing of hair therefore the gelatinous shampoo prepared by you can lose all the useful properties. It is better, if you add in gelatinous "laminate" shampoo with natural components which structure does not include dyes and synthetic otdushka.

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