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Brashing: pledge of youth and beauty

Brashing: pledge of youth and beauty
Our female magazine in Ufa will tell about how she is led.

The Brashing now won huge popularity among representatives of the weaker sex. Such recognition is not casual. The matter is that procedure does not take a lot of time, it is possible to call it by right base which in condition to carry out each woman.

So, before subjecting face skin to brashing procedure, at first it is necessary to be prepared for it properly: to remove a make-up, special cosmetics to clear skin (after clarification it should not be angry).

Further we arrange for skin steam bathrooms by means of a warm compress. It is possible to try and other option: to take the person over steam provided that there are no contra-indications. Steam procedure should not exceed 5-7 minutes. Further it is necessary to use a dry napkin – dry skin then put a srub, or other peeling cosmetic which will allow to remove the become horny layer from a skin surface. Then by means of special brushes start to make roundabouts. Some words about these small assistants: brushes are on sale in shops with cosmetics, represent a small brush for a peeling of the person, as a rule, from natural pile. Important: before beginning procedure, take a brush in warm water.

After short massage skin, naturally, needs a food: use nutritious cream or a special nutritious mask.

Naturally, the brashing is not carried out at any inflammation on skin if skin is angry, or on it there are any wounds. In «a risk zone» there are also owners of dry and sensitive skin.

The Brashing is better for carrying out after consultation of experts of cosmetology. Many recommend the first procedure to do in beauty salon, and after already to try the forces in house conditions.

Positive action of a brashing in a face: face skin is released from the become horny cages, it starts to absorb nutritious creams, masks better. So, and the effect from them is much higher. And as result: your skin already soon considerably changes, becomes tightened, fresh, young.

Experts recommend not to abuse procedure – not more often than 1-2 times a week.

It is possible to do the Brashing not only for face skin, but also for a body – it too needs our constant care and leaving. More rigid brushes will be necessary for this procedure, they can be got in special shops and beauty salons of Ufa. For such brushes more rigid natural pile or rubber (it is better to stop the choice on a natural product) is used. The brush also needs in a minute heat bath before carrying out procedure. And after a brashing it is also necessary to "saturate" skin with special nutritious creams.

The Brashing is considered rather sparing procedure therefore she can be seen off also in the summer, and after it not to be afraid of summer solar baths, besides, it is possible to use cosmetics.

There is one "but" in use of this procedure: it promotes skin updating, so that its serious defects – scars, hems, deep wrinkles – to clean it not under force. More radical methods for this purpose will be necessary.

We already said that the brashing promotes delicate clarification of skin, but not only in it its pluses. One of them is that the brashing considerably improves skin structure, helps to consult, for example, with pigmentary spots or freckles.

The Brashing is some kind of massage from which blood circulation considerably improves. From here – more healthy type of skin, it considerably changes, gets healthy light. And it that so would be desirable for us, women!

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