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Antidandruff preparations: we fight together

Antidandruff preparations: we fight together
Many years frequent washing of the head was the unique remedy of disposal for dandruff. Achievements of the last years allowed to receive alternative methods and antidandruff preparations, about them and will tell today our female magazine.

Emergence of dandruff is observed approximately at 97 % of aged people from 12 to 80 years. The reasons of emergence of dandruff there can be a set, both external, and internal, and though the phenomenon it is widespread, the bulk of the people has vague idea of its origin and know about antidandruff preparations a little.

Dandruff is excessively dry head skin which tends to burst and exfoliate. In most cases dandruff does not manage to be won forever, but it is possible to operate effectively this problem, preventing its repeated emergence. Researches showed that in some cases dandruff can be caused by the barmy cages which are present at sebaceous glands and deep layers of head skin. Barmy cages eat a secret of sebaceous glands which supplies skin with nutrients, as a result skin and hair receive less a food and dry up. Our immunity forces skin to get rid of impractical cages and consequently they exfoliate, forming dandruff.

Experts argue that there is a distinction between ordinary dryness of head skin when skin is insufficiently moistened, and actually with dandruff. In the first case exfoliating sites of skin look like small, hardly appreciable dry grains, in the second – large oily plates of white color.

Antidandruff preparations: main methods of treatment of dandruff

Perhaps, fixed assets against dandruff are shampoos which contain the antifungoid components killing barmy cages or suppress their growth, development and reproduction. Such shampoos can contain also pitches and salicylic acid. Pitches slow down growth of new cages while salicylic acid promotes removal of the become lifeless sites of skin before they will start to exfoliate. Such components as zinc and selenium start process of restoration of cells of skin. Use of special shampoo as for fight against dandruff, the superficial effect as the active substances containing in shampoo, do not affect the fungoid cages located in deep layers of skin gives means. Therefore in this case it is necessary to wash the head often.

Daily washing of the head interferes with accumulation of the died-off cells of skin. In certain cases after long improvement within several months, dandruff appears again, and shampoo which was effective earlier, does not help now. It is recommended to change periodically medical shampoo, being switched to shampoo of other producer, or to alternate use of medical and usual shampoo. During treatment it is not recommended to use hairspray, a skin and other means for laying as they have additional irritating effect on head skin.

Antidandruff preparations: prevention of emergence of dandruff

Not to allow emergence of dandruff also change of food habits and a diet will help. It is considered that not acquired carbohydrates and fat acids promote emergence of dandruff. For splitting of carbohydrates and fat acids B6 vitamin answers. Therefore, it is useful to use in food the products rich with this vitamin (it contains in cabbage, eggs, a flax seed, nuts etc.) are Also useful garlic and oil oregano, and the last can be used both in food, and for external application. The big role in fight against dandruff is rendered by such microcell, as sulfur. Sulfur is a part some shampoos from dandruff, but the most large amount of sulfur is in onions therefore it is very useful to wipe head skin onions juice.

The general principles of treatment of dandruff include hydrotherapy (contrast procedures for a hairy part the heads improving local blood circulation) and an aromatherapy – use of various essential oils (a cedar, an eucalyptus, a lavender, patchoulis, rosemary, a sage).

Antidandruff preparations: predisposition to emergence of dandruff

To emergence of dandruff the people having such illnesses, as violation of immunity, allergies, hypersensibility of skin, hormonal violations are the most predisposed. Pregnancy also can serve as the reason of emergence of dandruff. Non-compliance with rules of personal hygiene, overcooling or the overheating, being accompanied dehydration, can aggravate a problem.

We told you about the most effective remedies against dandruff. For this problem the comprehensive approach is necessary, only he will help you to forget about this problem forever. Care of itself and your hair will be rather beautiful and healthy.