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How to be beautiful to tips of hair

How to be beautiful to tips of hair
Here now carry a good physical form, accurate manicure, a faultless hairstyle which, by the way, is impossible without healthy and well-groomed hair.

For the modern man the beauty salon became a place where he can solve such problems with hair, as the begun hair loss, a gray hair which it is possible simply затонировать, and as a place where it is possible to get professional tools on the care of hair.

And, it should be noted that the Russian man is very exacting to salonny procedures, after all even at usual coloring of a gray hair, it is necessary to pick up so dyes that nobody could guess that hair of the representative of a strong half of mankind are painted. For this reason not all men accept the dyes applied to female coloring.

How to be beautiful: we paint over a gray hair

Specially for this case the Alfaparf Milano company let out the man’s line on the care of UOMO hair. Means enter into it for toning of hair also: special tinting Pro-age Color gel does not contain ammonia and retouches a gray hair in only 5 minutes. Pro-age Color gel is presented by scale from six shades that allows to pick up precisely the necessary tone and to receive natural result. It should be noted that unlike the analogs, tinting Pro-age Color gel does not leave on your hair of a clear boundary between otrosshy roots and earlier painted length even 1-2 months later after coloring procedure. And extract of the Scandinavian bilberry rich anti-radical флавоноидами entering into its structure, does hair soft, obedient and brilliant.

How to be beautiful: correct home care of hair

Insistence of modern men will extend and on means for home care, after all the man’s cosmetics should differ from female not only color of a bottle, but also structure.

The man considers that the qualitative cosmetics should be more expensive the usual. And despite a male practicality, unlike female, in beauty and own appearance of the man are ready to invest considerable means. After all today the successful man should be on the ball in everything, both at a business meeting, and on appointment to the woman the dreams.

And with UOMO cosmetics from Alfaparf Milano to correspond to high standards it is easy! With it you will be helped by two types of Energetic Shampoo shampoo for daily use and Energetic Shampoo Silver for yellowness removal from a gray hair and giving of a noble silver shade by it, and also the Energetic Conditioner conditioner.

Thanks to the avtomizirovanny sea water a part of these means enriched with microcells and vegetative minerals (magnesium, chlorides, sodium, iron), they possess refreshing effect that undoubtedly gives self-confidence and the to appearance.


How to be beautiful to tips of hair
How to be beautiful to tips of hair