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How to choose shampoo for hair

How to choose shampoo for hair
Hair long since were considered as a symbol of vital force and energy, and ancient believed that hair are «the house of gods». Now they turned into a sexual symbol on which ubiquitous advertizing actively speculates. The huge choice of means on the care of head skin, on the one hand, allows to find that is necessary, and with another – sets thinking strong: how to choose shampoo for hair what it is better to buy to whom to trust and how not to do much harm to the health?


How to choose shampoo for hair

The female Internet portal the Country of Beauty decided to understand, on what it is necessary to pay attention at a shampoo choice for hair.

How to choose shampoo – types of hair

Your hair can be in one of five functional conditions:

– the normal: hair have natural shine and are obedient when laying;

– thin and soft: hair badly hold laying, are sensitive to various cosmetic procedures;

– the dry: porous, dim, brittle hair; they are difficult for combing and laying. Such hair demand application of the means containing organic acids, fat acids, lanolin, vitamins A, In, Е, a keratin, collagen etc.;

– the fat: have not esthetic appearance, quickly become soiled, do not hold laying. Shampoos for an oily hair contain the additives reducing production of fat. Similar action sulfur preparations, extract of cocoa beans, nettles, a burdock and others possess;

– hair loss: dry dandruff, hyper secretion of sebaceous glands, hair loss. To normalization of a condition apply means against the hyper secretion, containing nicotinic acid, extracts of plants, serosoderzhashchy acids, vitamins A, In, Е, N, And;

After you продиагностировали the condition of the hair, is a high time to reflect – how to choose shampoo. Go to shop or a drugstore and attentively study the widest range of means on clarification of skin and a head hair.

How to choose shampoo – from what it do

That is a part some shampoos, know the few. It is the various surface-active substances (PEAHENS) providing obtaining of necessary properties of a product, and also various otdushka, preservatives and bioadditives. At a choice of shampoo it is necessary to pay attention to availability of such components, as парабены and sodium a lauryl sulfate (SLS). Parabena (Parabens) are the synthetic preservatives used in production of the vast majority of cosmetics. They get through skin, extends on all organism, and can cause a cancer. SLS are one of the most dangerous components used in cosmetic production. Sodium sulfate clears a lauryl by oxidation, leaving on skin of a body and hair irritating film. This component can cause a hair loss, emergence of dandruff, actively influencing bulbs of hair. As a result hair become fragile, dry and секутся.

How to choose shampoo – and what

Shampoo should clear hair, form foam (some shampoos can and not form some plentiful foam, for example, the shampoos made of grassy extracts, but it how many does not affect efficiency of its action) and to have the counterbalanced pH. рН is a quantitative characteristic of acidity (concentration of ions of hydrogen). Almost all modern shampoos have the subacidic environment (рН 5,5) that is natural to our skin and hair

Use only that shampoo which is intended for your type of hair. The chosen shampoo suits you in case hair are well washed, shine and easily comb hair after drying. And, the main thing, is not present any irritation of head skin. Remember that at least two times a year need to be changed shampoo on any other, suitable your hair.

The female Internet magazine the Beauty Country Kostroma wishes to remain to you always beautiful, healthy and without effort to define how to choose shampoo for the hair!

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