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If hair became fat


If hair became fat
If hair became fat

You caught yourselves that in increasing frequency began to wash the head. And here head washing already became your ezheutrenny procedure. And at all because you have it simply maniacal passion to head washing but because yours until recently fine streaming and silky hair became suddenly fat.


But we, clever and educated women, know that here so "suddenly" occurs nothing. And time your hair lost former appeal and gained grease shine, means, on that is the reason, and even not one.


Let’s analyze this unpleasant situation together.


Fat content hair is provoked by hyperactivity of sebaceous glands. These glands settle down on head skin, however the reasons of their activity are covered much more deeply.


If hair became fat – that we eat?


Remember, how you eat recently. Probably, you with big pleasure lean on chocolate, sweet rich rolls, air cakes, fat мяско, and instead of at its finest drink tea with three spoons of sugar? Then it is not surprising, why your hair sounded the alarm. Their fat content – a signal to you to replace a way of life and to reconsider a food allowance.


Down with industrial sweets, replace them with dried fruits. Both it is sweet, and it is harmless! Down with fat meat and fast fish is well, and even at all the vegetarianism is to what coma option closer! You for certain already bashfully replaced sweet tea with water. Well and, certainly, it is worth to remember about a large quantity of fresh vegetables and fruit in your everyday life.


Such food, by the way, will help you to restore the broken metabolism that also could be at the bottom of the increased fat content of hair.


If hair became fat – of what we think?


Still hair can become fat because of a stress which also could provoke improper feeding. In this case, to eliminate fat content of hair, it is necessary to liquidate a stress source, first of all: reconcile with darling, replace the chief, together with a work place, certainly, start to ignore the harmful neigbour (she will calm down over time as will cease to receive your energy!).


Also get to itself a cat who, as we know, has property to calm the gently favourite hostess and to lodge in her soul a pacification and rest.


If hair became fat – as we wash the head?


Well and, certainly, it is worth to remember about the correct washing of an oily hair for the purpose of reduction and elimination of their fat content. First of all, cease to wash the head with hot water which in a hundred times strengthens greasiness of hair. Let water will be room temperature or even slightly cool – it and will a little encourage you since morning, and your hair properly will wash out.


Shampoo for hair should be picked up medical, reducing their fat content, however carefully watch reaction of head skin to new cosmetics, differently in a pursuit of fat content reduction you risk to overdry it. Wash the head with the dry mustard dissolved to a smetanoobrazny condition with water – the unique checked folk remedy for reduction of fat content of hair. It is checked still by our grandmothers!


Well also it would be absolutely quite good to finish procedure of washing of an oily hair them an opolaskivaniye water with apple vinegar or lemon juice. The sour environment reduces greasiness of hair.


Here such simple, but quite effective councils on the care of an oily hair. Be beautiful!