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Molecular hair straightening: dreams come true!

Molecular hair straightening: dreams come true!

Once and for all to solve a problem of a curly hair, not only without having damaged hair, but also having given them vital force and mirror shine, – several years ago such it seemed unreal.

Everything changed emergence of a molecular hair straightening!

On what the ideal result which is possible to achieve by means of procedure and why it at all does not harm to hair is based, read in our article.

Today similar service and many clients tired of everyday laying is very popular in leading beauty salons, prefer once to make straightening that then long time to enjoy smooth, obedient hair.

Let’s remember, with what we even can achieve in the ways smooth, obedient hair? We for this purpose use what means?!

Certainly – hair dryers, брашинги, high temperatures of utyuzhok and so forth that inevitably leads over time to external and internal damages of hair.

How you consider, what is less harmful to hair – everyday straightening (the hair dryer / утюжками) or single (once in 6 months) chemical straightening? Certainly single hair straightening.

Molecular hair straightening: about procedure

The main difference of procedure of a molecular hair straightening from existing analogs – in preservation of biological structure of hair.

Hair literally "remember" at molecular level that from the moment of carrying out procedure they become ideally direct. Such effect from three to six months remains.

At repeated carrying out procedure the effect reached for the first time completely remains, as the keratin does not collect in hair. It means that the radical volume of hair remains and your laying is still faultless. Thus hair soft, brilliant and flexible.

Molecular hair straightening: we open secrets

Molecular straightening – the real break among possibilities of achievement of ideally smooth and straight hair.

And the main advantage of procedure consists that it not only does not harm to hair, but also helps them to become more healthy and strong irrespective of type and a damage rate. At the expense of what it occurs?

The composition of the cosmetics used at carrying out procedure, includes only natural components – amino acids, glycerin, thermoactive soya PPT, хитозан, castor oil. In a basis the special cream allocated with "intellectual" abilities lies.

Revealing all damaged sites of hair, it restores them and fixes the reached result at the expense of filling of structure of a hair with useful substances. Such double influence also helps to reach ideally straight hair, without causing it any harm.


Molecular hair straightening: dreams come true!
Molecular hair straightening: dreams come true!

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