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The damaged hair: means for a hair reconstruction

The damaged hair: means for a hair reconstruction
Means are necessary for a hair reconstruction for you if you concern the following things: a wave or straightening by hot nippers, drying of hair by the hair dryer, a sunbed, the sun, artificial lighting, coloring and a chemical wave, and also the different chemicals containing in environment, water and air. Improper feeding also conducts to easing and a hair loss. Nevertheless, now means for a hair reconstruction and strengthening of the damaged hair, are presented in the big range, our female magazine will tell you about them and how to save your hair.

Means for a hair reconstruction: tips of hair

Them it is recommended обстригать, especially, if hair are damaged. As a result of frequent washing hair, as well as clothes, lose the elasticity and color. Pay attention – the more long you wear clothes, the worse it appearance. The same it is possible to tell about hair. Than your hair are longer, they are more senior than subjects and fragilities are more subject, is frequent at them секущиеся the ends. Short hair which have regularly hair cut, look more healthy, bright and strong. If you wear the hair long, cut tips each 3 weeks to avoid fragility and section of hair.

Means for a hair reconstruction: special shampoo and conditioner

Having the damaged hair, it is necessary to choose means for a hair reconstruction such, as shampoo and the conditioner intended for damaged hair. It is best of all to choose the shampoo containing collagen and amino acids of silk. Such substances as пантенол and B5 vitamin get in a hair and hold moisture, so, do a hair to more flexible and eliminate its fragility. Shampoo for the damaged hair warns them a sputyvaniye, facilitates combing. It is not necessary to wash hair every day, it promotes their peresushivaniye and fragility. Damp hair cannot be combed a brush – only a crest with a rare teeth. Do not rub damp hair a towel – you only even more them will confuse, and then it will be difficult to comb them. If you use hairspray, use gels, mousses for hairdress fixing, prefer the means providing flexible fixing. So your hair will look more naturally.

Means for a hair reconstruction: refuse use of hot devices

Try not to use the hair dryer. Allow hair to dry naturally. If without the hair dryer not to manage, use the hair dryer on which there is a mode of cool air – it is least harmful to hair. On the damaged hair try not to use a hot utyuzhok for hair, nippers and thermohair curlers.

Brush hair accurately, using a rare crest or a brush with the rare flexible teeth having the round ends.

Do not use hairpins and metal clips for hair, and also round elastic bands. It is better to fasten hair an elastic band from a fabric, a crest, a bone or plastic hairpin.

While your hair remain damaged, do not resort to their coloring and a chemical wave. Give them time to be restored, using special means for a hair reconstruction.

Means for a hair reconstruction: protect your hair from the weather phenomena

Overcooling, as well as overheating, is harmful to hair. In cold weather wear a cap or a scarf, in the summer – a hat or the Panamanian protecting from the sun. Being in a sunbed, wrap up the head a towel to avoid harmful effects of UF of beams on hair.

Bathing in salty sea water or in the chlorinated water of the pool, you subject hair to harmful effects of chemical elements. Sea salt and chlorine dry up hair, doing them by the extremely fragile. After bathing surely wash hair with softening shampoo. Recently the special formula of shampoo is developed for athletes of swimmers.

The healthy nutrition is also important for health of hair. A healthy food should be rich with protein and fat acids (nuts, fish, chicken meat). If necessary accept vitamin complexes.

In most cases the hair reconstruction will take quite long time. On the average hair grow with a speed? inch a month. Therefore have patience and follow the offered councils, use means for a hair reconstruction. The correct leaving, care and protection of your hair are a guarantee of their health.